Wordpress? PHP site?

Wordpress? PHP site?

If you are going to set up a website, you should predetermine your needs and goals and choose an infrastructure suitable for it. Today, the two most used methods to set up a website are wordpress and php based websites.

So which one should you choose?

First of all, you should determine an infrastructure that suits your needs. A wordpress -based site offers you freedom and wide flexibility, while PHP -based designs offer stability and security. Of course, the impression that the wordpress infrastructure is insecure should not be taken from here. However, in addition to Freedom, it definitely brings disadvantages. In addition, your PHP -based site may also have critical security vulnerabilities. The important thing here is to make sure that the system is coded correctly and that security has an important level.

What does the wordpress engine promise?

When you want to set up a worpress infrastructure site, your expenses will decrease to very low levels in terms of cost. In this respect, wordpress -based sites are a very attractive platform for users who will set up a site for the first time. There are countless nice and useful aspects for Wordpress . The most interesting of these is that when you want a new theme, you can implement it very quickly and at very affordable costs. While doing all this, your archive will not be damaged. If we mention another positive aspect, wordpress You can offer different solutions for your visitors while making your site with its infrastructure much faster and aesthetically pleasing with plug-ins. Moreover, you can do this in just a few moves without software knowledge. However, this freedom can sometimes cause security vulnerabilities that threaten you. For example, you can unknowingly blow to the security of your website in every add-on you add. By creating gaps in your infrastructure, you can leak into your site's files and then lose your efforts for years. Since using a plain wordpress will not be a solution for you, you will definitely need plugins. In this case, you should be very meticulous and not install every plugin that comes your way to your site. Because too many plugins will increase the load of your site.

What does a PHP-based infrastructure promise?

You have done your research and decided that PHP based software will be the solution to your needs . In such cases, many companies offer the design and admin panel jointly. However, it should not be forgotten that a freedom like in wordpress will not meet you in this infrastructure. Because these types of designs are specially designed and an adaptation process is required for each new feature. This process can be done by professional software professionals. This disadvantage is eliminated by software companies by adding today's technologies to the infrastructure, considering many features directly while coding the site design and infrastructure. However, it should not be forgotten that such software may also have security vulnerabilities. Wordpress on your PHP based site You cannot change the theme continuously, as in its infrastructure, because your admin panel works in a complex way with the theme you use, and when the theme changes, it changes in this panel. You will have to transfer your archive every time the theme changes.

PHP -based platforms have a more stable and secure working principle than Wordpress -based sites. Because , like wordpress , they do not receive updates constantly, and users do not constantly add something to the site with plug-ins. Therefore, a design can be used for years. Although these softwares, which do not contain the freedom of Wordpress , can be used safely for years, unfortunately, after a while, it will not meet the necessary technological infrastructures, so a new generation design is needed. In Wordpress , you can install the updates as you wish and ensure that your site is always broadcast on a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Our recommendation is to make regular backups of mysql and home directory regardless of which infrastructure your website is on. In this way, you can overcome possible attacks and hacks with much less damage.


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