What Should Be Done to Become a Youtuber?

What Should Be Done to Become a Youtuber?

Both the audience and the content producer of Youtube, which is a social platform that has increased its audience rapidly in recent years, is increasing rapidly. As such, many people want to produce content on Youtube and want to earn income from this platform. As you know, the number of youtubers and the number of individuals who want to be youtubers have increased considerably in recent years.

Therefore, there are a few points that those who want to be a youtuber should pay attention to. Here are the points that those who want to be a youtuber should pay attention to;

How to Become a Youtuber?

This question has arisen in the mind of everyone who starts producing content for Youtube. There is no specific pattern to be a youtuber, but if you want to be a youtuber, there are what you need to do and the rules you need to pay attention to.

First of all, you should know that it won't happen right away. Being a youtuber has become a little more difficult since the number of people who produce content for Youtube has increased a lot recently. You need to be at the forefront of this platform where you have more competitors. The things you need to do in this can be listed as follows;

It will be more effective for you to progress on a specific topic to produce content for Youtube. Shooting videos on every topic will put your channel in a confusing situation and you will not be able to gain many followers. It is of great importance in determining your category. For example, you can always shoot game videos by selecting the game category. In this way, users who play games and love to watch game videos will follow you. Of course, since there are many channels that shoot game videos, it would be more beneficial to produce different content from them. The difference here is not that you are out of the game category. You can also produce content in the game category, but you should be different from other content producers.

A few videos will not be enough for you to be a youtuber. It is very near impossible to achieve this success, especially in a short period of time. If you want to be a youtuber, you must upload videos for at least 7 months continuously. According to the Youtube algorithm, you can upload at least 1 video per week for at least 7 months to appear more frequently in the recommended ones. In this process, you should upload videos without any break. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will be a direct youtuber at the end of 7 months. However, after 7 months you will notice improvements. It would be better for you to spend a lot of time and upload videos frequently.

You Must Choose the Most Viewed Categories

There are categories that are always watched and always find viewers on Youtube. You can produce content by choosing the one that suits you among these most watched categories. Thus, your videos will be recommended more and you will be watched more. However, there are some points you should pay attention to here. First of all, you should make sure that the subject you choose is suitable for you. Because you will have to produce content in that category for a long time, and you cannot produce content without getting bored in a category that you do not like and choose just because it is watched a lot. For this, you should choose the contents that you can do and that are suitable for you. Here are the most watched categories on Youtube;
  • Game
  • Food
  • travel
  • Vlog
  • Entertainment
  • technology
  • Examination
  • Make-up
The most watched categories on Youtube are like this. Before you start producing content for Youtube, you should choose the one that suits you best. This way, you will progress faster and get higher views.

You Should Make Your In-Channel SEO Settings and Video SEO Settings

If you want high views and high followers on Youtube, in short, if you want to be a youtuber, the most important issue you should pay attention to is in-channel and video SEO settings. You should pay attention to SEO settings so that your uploaded videos are recommended and watched more. Settings you need to apply on your Youtube channel and videos;

Channel Tags

Channel tags make your channel stand out and appear in matching results in searches. After opening your channel, you should create your Youtube channel tags. When adding your tags, you need to add tags that are suitable for you.


Every channel must have playlists . Many users are not aware of the benefits of playlists, but playlists are very effective for you to watch more and increase your channel traffic. By collecting related videos under certain categories, you can increase the traffic between videos and increase your channel views.

Channel Name, Channel Image and Banner

Especially for a newly opened channel, these three items are very important. The biggest factors that make a newly opened channel look successful; channel name, channel profile picture, and banner (cover image). You should pay attention to these three items. In order to look successful to new discoverers, you should determine your channel name, profile and cover picture well.

This is the basic settings that need to be made in the channel. After that, you have to adjust the settings of your videos. You need to make separate SEO settings for each uploaded video. Here are the video SEO settings to be done;

Thumbnail (Video cover image)

Video title

Video description

Video tags

Every time you upload a video to Youtube, you should apply these items carefully and carefully.

You should successfully create the cover art of your uploaded videos . Cover photo is very important for your videos to get viewed when they are suggested. You should always create thumbnails that are relevant and attention-grabbing with your video .

You shouldn't keep the title of your videos too long . You should set a title consisting of keywords that are relevant to your video. The important thing here is that it contains keywords.

You should not leave the description part of your videos blank. In the description section, you should provide information from your video and create sentences with your keywords .

The most important part of video SEO settings is the video tag part . Tags you add to this section should be relevant to your video. You should also add the tags you use in the title and description part to the tags part of your video. In addition, you should add the words related to your video to the tags section. There is a point to be aware of here. At least 2 keywords should be included in the title, description and tags part. In addition, you should add at least 10 keywords related to your video to the keywords section of your video.


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