What is Windows 10 Media Center? How to Install?

What is Windows 10 Media Center? How to Install?

With the introduction of the Windows 10 operating system, which came after Windows 8, by Microsoft, a resounding digital output was made. Unfortunately, this new operating system does not include some of the features of the old version. For example, if you are looking for the Media Center section, it will no longer be able to find it and you will need to do a download to use it. So, what does this application do, how is it installed?

What is Media Center?

What is Media Center?

Media Center is a separate and more advanced Windows program from Windows Media Player. We can put it in the list of important features that distinguish the Media Center application from the Media Player application, being much faster, quality and fun.

Windows 10 Media Center contains many functions under one program. Thanks to the program, it is possible to watch TV, play DVD, listen to music, and easily access live or recorded television programs from the additional device. Apart from being able to play more audio and video, it can be shown as a great advantage that the images can be watched in the television standard.

What are the Advantages of Media Center Application?

What are the Advantages of Media Center Application?

When using Windows 10 Media Center with all its functions, you turn your computer into a huge, powerful entertainment system in every way. By connecting your computer to an HD TV, you can do all the operations effortlessly.

By using the Media Center remote control, you can get full efficiency from the program. You can connect your computer to a standard computer monitor, mouse or keyboard. You can even stream any media on your home network to the Extender device.

How to Install Media Center Application?

The application needs to be installed because the application is not available in the new operating system. You can easily install Windows 10 Media Center with the help of a file. It is possible to download the program via the link https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5995. After extracting the files, the installation process proceeds with the following items:

You can extract the downloaded file first to the Local Disk (C).

You should click on the "_TestRights.cmd" option in the file and say "Run as Administrator".

Media Center will appear and a few actions will be performed automatically.

Your computer will restart by directing into the command process.

You need to access the "Installer.cm" file from the program file and click on the "Run as Administrator" option.

After this process, the command processor will open and you will see the text "Press any key to exit". With the click of a button, the installation will be complete.

With the installation, you can join the fun world of the application.


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