What is Viber? How is it used?

What is Viber? How is it used?

Different types of applications appear on the internet every day. The Viber application, which succeeded in bringing itself to the forefront among the applications for users , started to be used by millions of people in a short time. So what does this app offer? Let's take a closer look.

What is Viber Application?

This application, which is suitable for use for every smartphone and offered free of charge, includes a messaging service. Not only messages, but also video calls can be made. What is Viber ? People who are curious can check in more detail by downloading this application from the internet environment.

How is the Viber App Download Process?

Since the application is specially designed for everyone to use, it can be downloaded to devices through the App Store and Play Store. The only thing to do is to download through these parts. After that, all that remains is to use the application.

Which Style Operating Systems does the Viber App Support?

Viber supports many operating systems. The operating systems it supports can be listed as follows:


Windows Phone




Mac OS X



People who use such operating systems can easily open the application without any problems.

How to Use the Viber Application?

After Viber Messenger is downloaded into the device, it can be used without membership requirement. After the application is opened, the individual only logs in via a phone number. After the special code sent to the phone is written into the application, it becomes fully usable.

Those who use this special application can see the people in the friends list and the people who have apps on their devices. Video chat and messaging can be performed with these people whenever desired. Many more transactions can be performed exponentially.

What Kinds of Features Does Viber App Offer For Users?

Viber offers quite a large writing area for all its users. Users can send messages up to 7000 characters within the text area provided. Moreover, when you want to contact someone, video calling or texting does not require any fee.

However, one thing to know is that calls are made at certain prices if this application is not available on the other side. In order to have free calls, there must be an application on the opposite side.

We mentioned that after coming to the Viber download section on the Internet, it can be downloaded easily. Because it is an application designed for every phone, it is among everyone's preferences. In addition, as a nice feature, instant notifications of messages are coming to the device.

In addition to messages, instant notifications are sent to the device in the same way. Apart from sending video calls and messages, anyone can also send voice messages. Sending location, sharing videos, transferring files and various emojis are also among its features.

Among the Viber features, the most striking one is the group chat with 200 people. However, this limit is kept up to 200 people. People who use the application can thus spend time doing various activities and fun conversations.


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