What is Telegram? How to use?

What is Telegram? How to use?

After the Whatsapp new confidentiality agreement discussions, the subject of what is Telegram started to be investigated. Telegram, a long-standing messaging application, has come to the rescue of those who do not accept the Whatsapp contract. So what is Telegram, what are its features? Here are the answers to all these questions ...

What is Telegram

In our article, we will give a comprehensive answer to the question of what is Telegram and how to use it. This application, which is the rival of Whatsapp, was created for users to message in a versatile way. This application, which increases the number of users day by day, does not fall off the agenda especially after Whatsapp's new confidentiality agreement.

Telegram, currently appealing to 6 million users, was created by Pavel Durov in 2013. This application offers the user the opportunity to instant voice, correspondence and video messaging. In addition to having multi-platform support, it can be used in mobile and desktop systems at the same time.

What are the Features of Telegram

With its Telegram features, it has been able to leave Whatsapp behind in many aspects. One of its most important features is that it is a cloud-based messaging tool. Thanks to this application, up to 2 GB of video, file or photo can be shared on any device. Other than that, other prominent features are;

Although you are registered with a phone number, calls can be made without giving a phone number when requested.

Thanks to the technology offered, it will not be able to see messaging or other shared content on Telegram.

The content of correspondence made via Telegram cannot be transmitted to a third party.

The person who takes a screenshot during the conversation is reported to the other party.

The application has voice message and video conversation feature.

If messages are not deleted by the account owner within the specified time, they are automatically deleted.

If desired, the application can be used on the computer with the help of a data matrix.

As in the Whatsapp application, the last seen feature can be turned off at the request of the person.

This application, which can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store, is completely free.

Is Telegram A Secure Platform

Another question on the minds of users who are curious about this platform is whether Telegram is reliable or not. When the Telegram features and contract are examined, it is seen that it is more secure than applications such as Line and Whatsapp. Cloud feature provides fast delivery of messages. The fact that the algorithm systems are based on the MTProto protocol is another proof of its reliability. This application is constantly working with a large community to extend the security and service content.


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