What is Robots.txt File? What Is It For Users?

What is Robots.txt File? What Is It For Users?

For curious users, we will explain in detail about Robots.txt. These files are known as text files that guide robots coming through the search engine. In line with the information contained in the aforementioned file, search engines can learn the points that cannot or will be indexed on any site.

When not properly configured, the site can be completely prevented from appearing in the Google and other search engines system. Robots.txt files have a very high value about search engine optimization processes. Even if the mentioned files seem unnecessary, it is very necessary for search engines to get the correct information about the site.

Obviously, every second internet robots go on a ride in order to deliver all the information to people. The pages with the correct information are promoted over time. Robots that perform searches on the internet check the existence of this file before putting the information on the website to the top.

As soon as the answer received at the end of the control process is yes, they control the information in the next step. So what is Robots.txt? We have answered the question to you, valuable users.

What Kinds Of Information Can Be Stopped With The Robots.txt File?

When the file in question is properly edited, it can have a life-saving power. Even if the sites usually put themselves in the effort of getting indexed quickly, in many cases it can cause rapid index problems. At this point, Robots.txt files come into play quickly.

What information can be prevented from indexing? Those who think should know that, thanks to the system in question, indexing of private pages that do not have access with links from the site can be prevented. If the Admin panel is used in a hidden way and it is not desired to be found by third parties, the page can be completely removed from the engine by editing the files of this system.

How Does Robots.txt Use Happen?

What does Robots.txt do? How to use? When we look at the question, we can say that you are waiting for very easy operations. Although it may seem a bit difficult in terms of usage, on the contrary, it can be used very simply over small codes. A special field has been opened for Robots.txt in each site system and in each panel. These settings we mentioned should be entered in the reserved fields.

"User-agent: * Disallow: /" to perform indexing of all areas by robots.

"User-agent: * Disallow: /" to prevent robots from indexing all areas.

"User-agent: * Disallow: / (Folder Name) / (Folder Name)" to prevent robots from indexing specified folders.

These operations used are in the form of scripts of the system in question. People can also create various arrangements according to their sites by using the creation tools we have mentioned.

blogger robots.txt 

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google Disallow: 
User-agent: * Disallow: / search 
Allow: / Sitemap: https://www.shahmoon.net/sitemap.xml


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