What is Reddit? What is a Subreddit? How to Open a Subreddit?

What is Reddit? What is a Subreddit? How to Open a Subreddit?

Reddit is a site that has become very popular in recent years. One of the most important reasons why it has become so popular is that it offers its users an almost completely hidden identity. You can subscribe to reddit using any nickname you want. And with this membership, you can browse completely anonymously. In this sense, it should be noted that it is a really successful forum site. Reddit is often referred to as the deep side of the internet. The reason for this definition is that it is the source of almost all the funny memes and photos we see on the internet. Reddit has such a wide and diverse user network that it is visited by 100 million people a month. In addition, reddit is a library where you can find various information on numerous topics.

What is a Subreddit?

Subreddit is the name given to certain categories or topics. In other words, when you search for any topic, each section you come across is called a subreddit. Subreddits can be on any topic. So there are no restrictions here. Each subreddit sets its own rules. Those who do not follow these rules can be banned from the subreddit. We mentioned that subreddits are small threads. For example, the main subreddits are:
















These are some popular subreddits with the most members. Some of them have tens of millions of members.

How to Open a Subreddit?

How to open a subreddit is a popular question that many people wonder. Many people have beautiful and innovative subreddit ideas in mind. But they don't know how to open a subreddit. In fact, creating a subreddit is one of the simplest things in the world. But first you need to meet two qualifications. The first is to be a reddit member for at least 30 days. If you do not have a membership of this length, you cannot open a subreddit. Secondly, you must have at least 50 karma points. Karma points are earned by posting new posts and posting new comments.

In order to open a subreddit, after these conditions are met, you can specify the name you want to put from the "create subreddit" button on the homepage. Then you can specify the rules you want to be followed. In this way, you open a new subreddit. In order for your subreddit to grow rapidly and reach more people, you may want to consider opening an English subreddit. Because although there are Turkish subreddits, English subreddits will attract more attention.

How to Use Reddit

Using Reddit can actually seem a bit difficult and complicated at first. The reason for this is that it has a very busy and somewhat old interface. But if we summarize in a few items, we can move forward item by item below.

1- First of all, the screen that appears when you log in for the first time is the login screen. Here you can see the posts made in the subreddits you follow. To realize that you are on the homepage, it is enough to click on the reddit logo in the upper left once. This logo will take you directly to the homepage wherever you are. You can confirm that you are on the homepage as you can see in the picture.

What is Reddit? What is a Subreddit? How to Open a Subreddit?

2- Secondly, there is the search section that you will see in the upper middle part of the screen. By clicking on this section, you can write the topics you want to search or explore. In this way, you will have the opportunity to discover new subreddits.

What is Reddit? What is a Subreddit? How to Open a Subreddit?

3- In the third place is the trend analysis section. According to the information contained here, you can see which subreddits are the most searched and popular.

What is Reddit? What is a Subreddit? How to Open a Subreddit?

4- Finally, you can access information about your profile from the upper right section. When you click on that tab, it will expand to the bottom. Here you can see your account properties, add night mode, get technical assistance or log off your account completely. You can also see how many karma points you have just below your nickname.

What is Reddit? What is a Subreddit? How to Open a Subreddit?


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