Among the most important problems of the world and our country is to fight against diseases that develop due to alcohol, drugs and smoking, and these diseases that are spreading rapidly day by day. The common feature of these three chemicals is that they are addictive. It is very difficult to get rid of drug and alcohol addiction and is left with treatment. So what is the most effective way to quit addictive smoking ? What to do to quit smoking completely.

There is a cliché of smokers and those who do not intend to quit, such as "both the smoker dies and the non-smoker dies". This is a cover made for smoking only. Cigarette manufacturers put dozens of chemicals into each branch of cigarette to make it more addictive.

The hazards of smoking

There is no one who does not know the harms of smoking to human health. Public service ads are broadcasted on television channels every day to raise awareness of people. The damages of smoking lie at the root of almost all of the health problems a person who has been smoking for 20 years .

Considering that the age of starting smoking is decreasing day by day, a person who starts smoking before their 20s will have to struggle with serious health problems when they reach the age of 40 as long as they smoke for 20 years. The 40s are the years when a person is very young. Unfortunately, there are many people at this age who lost their lives as a result of the damages caused by smoking.

How to quit smoking

The greatest fear experienced by those who want to quit smoking is the withdrawal syndrome they will experience from the moment they stop smoking. How to quit smoking is the subject most researched by smokers ? and what methods should be followed. The biggest mistake made in this regard is the quitting method. Smoking is never stopped by reducing. Whether you drink five a day or drink it in one pack, the brain will continue to receive nicotine in both ways. The important thing is that the brain does not respond to the signal I want nicotine.

When smoking comes to mind, there are a lot of speeches like "Eat hazelnuts, forget it". It is not right to replace cigarettes with anything else. After making a final decision on this matter and saying that I will never smoke again, the only thing you need to do is not to smoke. It is very easy to say, but it is very difficult to apply, but if you manage not to smoke in any way for a month, the next process will be easier. The most effective way to quit smoking is to quit suddenly, not gradually. Saying "let me have one, nothing will happen" after six months have passed will cause you to start smoking again.


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