As the name suggests, the Dukan diet is a diet developed by Pierre Dukan , a renowned food and nutritionist. Like a high-content protein diet, meat, fish and eggs must be consumed continuously. Proteins are essential nutrients in this dukan diet. The distinctive feature of this diet is that it contains less calories and keeps it full. In particular, the absorption of proteins for the body helps to burn fat to a large extent. Recently, the weight gained due to the sedentary lifestyle that has developed in parallel with the comfortable living opportunities and the increase of transportation means has become a very obsession. Various diets are being researched to lose weight and the Dukan diet , one of the most successful diets stands out a little. If you want to lose weight, losing weight quickly is harmful, you can follow the protein-based dukan diet program and lose weight in the long term.

What Are the Benefits of the Dukan Diet

We often have trouble losing weight, but by following the dukan diet, we can achieve a more decisive success. The Dukan diet is both low-calorie and very rich in protein. The Dukan diet developed proposed by Pieere Dukan, a nutritionist It comes across as a very popular diet, and the reason for this is that the body burns carbohydrates in the first place. But if you do not give the body carbohydrates, this time it will burn the accumulated fat. If fat stocks are also depleted, then alarm bells begin to ring and the body starts consuming protein. With the Dukan diet, you deprive the body of carbohydrates! By taking protein, you both consume less calories and the body does not feel any hunger. But the dukan diet is not a lifelong diet. If you constantly cut carbohydrates, the body will be without energy.

Who Can Apply the Dukan Diet

Those who can eat meat every day
Those who want to lose a small number of weight in a healthy way
Those who want to spread the weight loss process to 3 months intermittently
Those who cannot tolerate hunger but want to lose weight
Those who are not sick
Those who can do sports
Artists, popular people

Some people who follow the Dukan diet express that they lose weight in a very healthy way on social media. But not everyone is the same. For this reason, do not follow the Dukan diet and all other diets without consulting your doctor .

What are the side effects of the Dukan diet?

The first stage can be a bit difficult to implement, as it mainly contains animal proteins and meat products. It is necessary to apply the diet for a week and take a break. If you constantly look at the weight you lost quickly in the first days and go on gas and keep on this diet, the body will be without carbohydrates. You can lose your health and immune system strength while you want to lose weight. The elderly, kidney patients, heart patients and those with chronic diseases should not follow this diet.


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