What is the daily fluid need of people?

What is the daily fluid need of people?

Each person's fluid needs vary for a variety of reasons. For example; such as age, gender, weight. All our organs in our body need fluid. Therefore, the daily fluid requirement of an adult is 1.5 to 2 liters. Water should be drunk regularly every day to replace the lost liquid. Thus, the fluid excreted with sweat or urine is replaced. Also, other things that increase the need for fluids include:

physical movements

Not every liquid we drink meets our fluid needs. Drinks containing sugar and preservatives or acidic drinks do not meet the fluid need and are also very harmful for the body.
Drinks that satisfy the need for healthy fluid:

Herbal tea
Fruit juices made from 1 part fruit juice and 3 parts water

Drinks that do not meet the need for unhealthy fluid:

Pure juice
Acidic beverages (such as cola)
Energy drink
Coffee with milk or cream

Always keep water nearby to avoid dehydration, or set an alarm to remind you to drink . Thus, you drink the water you need to meet your daily fluid needs.


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