What Are Netflix Prison Series?

What Are Netflix Prison Series?

Netflix is ​​one of the world's best movie and series streaming platforms. Netflix offers you movies and series that you can watch comfortably from your home. Well, what are the prison series of Netflix, which contains so many movies and series? Let's take a look at these series together.

Netflix Prison Series

1-) Prison Break (2005-2010)

We wanted to start the first line of our list with Prison Break, which is remembered by many. This series, which started in 2005, is about the life of a boy who abducted his brother from prison. The subject is as follows;

For years, Michael, a civil engineer, contemplates a plan to kidnap his brother in Fox River prison. Finally, it's time to carry out the plan. First, he commits a fake bank robbery, which is part of his plan. Later, he is found guilty of this work and is sent to the prison where his brother is staying. Now there is only one thing left to save his brother, who has been innocent for years, by executing his plan.

2-) The World's Hardest Prisons

There is a prison themed documentary at the 2nd place of our list. The subject of this documentary consisting of the 5th season is;

People who are investigative journalists are voluntarily convicted in prisons where brutality and injustice are at their highest. It focuses on the problems these volunteer prisoners face during the day and their reactions to these problems.

3-) Orange Is The New Black (2013-2019)

The name of our character in the series is Piper Chapman. Chapman is an engaged woman. However, a crime he committed 10 years ago comes to light and he is arrested for drugs. This was caused by her ex-girlfriend, Alex Vause.

When he first enters the prison, he can't keep up with the culture there and has difficulties, but over time he makes some good and bad friendships there. As time progresses, he will realize that the life outside has changed for him, and that he has forgotten the outside.

Orange Is The New Black is one of the beautiful series that humorously tells us about Piper's past years in prison.

4-) Making a Murderer (2015 - )

The series, which was broadcast on the Netflix platform in 2015, is a thriller prison series about real events. In his movie, the events of the men who were thrown into prison for an uncommitted crime are told in 2 seasons by being processed slowly.

5-) Vis to Vis

Vis a Vis is one of the other series that takes place in prison. The shooting of the series started in 2015 and the series lasts for 5 seasons.

If we come to the subject, it is committed that a woman is deceived by a man. The woman was deceived by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend told her to embezzle money. The woman did what her lover said and transferred the money to her account. Later, this crime was revealed and the woman was sent to prison. This young woman must definitely learn about prison life if she wants to survive here. Otherwise, what will happen worries the woman. Here, the series is about the woman's life in prison.

6-) Prison Birds (2019 - )

Another of the prison series is the Prison Birds series. The series is an American-made reality TV series released in 6 episodes in 2019.

The series is about female inmates in the Sacramonte Regional prison revolting against both authority and themselves in order to do justice to love and inner life. If you like prison and American TV series, this is the series for you.

7-) El Recluso

Last on our list is the 2018 American-made El Recluso set. Consisting of 13 episodes in 2018, this series is about a man, a former Marine, who plays the role of a convict to infiltrate a gang he believes has kidnapped a judge's daughter. The man's experience in this process is told one by one.


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