What Are Natural Antibiotics?

What Are Natural Antibiotics?

The use of antibiotics is increasing every year. In order to prevent this, the Ministry of Health banned the purchase of antibiotics without a prescription and applied strict rules. It is important to use antibiotics correctly and in the right amount. Antibiotics used in every headache or fever without consulting a doctor cause more harm than good. The fact that antibiotics and other drugs are produced by chemical means is of great importance for humans. The use of artificial antibiotics is not suitable for humans, especially rather than taking natural antibiotics . But which vegetables, fruits and plants can we get a natural antibiotic effect?

Which Vegetables, Fruits and Plants Have Natural Antibiotics ?

Onion and Garlic

Natural antibiotics are synonymous with the two nutrients from onion and garlic, natural antibiotic creates the effect of antioxidants in the human body they contain. They are also the easiest to reach and the most common vegetables to use in meals and salads.


Ginger, which has a bitter taste when consumed raw, does not appeal to the palate, creates a natural antibiotic effect when used in salads and meals. It is also convenient and easy to consume as powdered ginger. By adding a teaspoon of honey and powdered ginger to a glass of milk, the immune system can be supported and protection from bacteria and viruses is made possible. Ginger is also known to be good for sore throats and migraines.


Radish is a vegetable commonly used in salads. The harmony of radish with salad is one of the biggest factors in choosing it. It is also a complete vitamin store for dieters. Radish is also one of the natural antibiotics.

The first foods that come to mind when talking about natural antibiotics are usually vegetables. But; It is also possible to find natural antibiotics in some plants and fruits. Fruits such as pomegranate and kiwi support immunity with the vitamins and antioxidants they contain.

Black Cumin

Black cumin, which has many known benefits, also draws attention with its natural antibiotic effect. It is also known that black cumin is good for indigestion and stomach.


Black tea, which is common in our country and even consumed every day, has harm to the heart if consumed excessively. Regularly consumed herbal teas also provide great benefits to both the immune system and the digestive system with the vitamins they contain. In addition, sage has a beautifying effect on the skin with the antioxidants it contains.

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