Today, when the benefits of natural nutrition to our health are discovered every day, its place is very important in the spices that we can easily use in our meals.

The spices recommended to be put into our meals by experts are recommended because they both give flavor and are beneficial for our health. In addition to the antioxidants contained in spices with proven effects against heart diseases and cancer, it also contains vitamins A, E and C, which will make you resistant to diseases. Spices, which are especially recommended for patients who often experience inflammation in their body for different reasons, also help you strengthen your body against allergies. Spices that are good for Alzheimer's disease, which is common in people over the age of 60 in our age, and recommended to prevent the formation, also help to protect your health thanks to its anti-inflammation feature.

It is known that asthma patients have noticeable benefits thanks to the periodic use of myrtle leaves or nettle. It has been seen in the examinations that spices, which do not end with counting their benefits from hemorrhoids to vascular occlusion, lip cracking to heart attack, are also among the biggest complaints of women today. Spices that will allow you to lose weight by supporting the feeling of satiety will also increase your nutritional quality and speed up your metabolism. Although red pepper is recommended by experts for women with weight problems, this miracle spice will also speed up your metabolism.

You may have consumed a beneficial consumption for your health by using cinnamon, which is one of the most common and easily used spices, in your coffee or tea instead of sugar. Cinnamon, which can be put into almost any meal, is recommended for periodic use, especially for diabetics. Thyme, which can be called as an antioxidant store, leaves a very pleasant smell and taste on meat dishes, and you will definitely like it on pasta, pizza and even cold tomatoes. The rosemary, which stands out with its ability to relieve inflammation in the body in its spices, also has a distinct heart-friendly feature. Curry prepared with turmeric, one of the spices proven to contribute to heart health, will also be good for your brain health.

The use of ginger, which can give your meals a very different and pleasant flavor, will bring many positive effects, including your skin beauty, with its antioxidants in sweet and salty foods.


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