Tourist attractions in Magelang, a city of a million flowers that must be visited

Tourist attractions in Magelang, a city of a million flowers that must be visited

Recommended Tourist Attractions in Magelang City of Million Flowers - Magelang is famous as a city with many tourist destinations, ranging from mountains, temples, waterfalls, parks and so on. Exploring tourism in Magelang is not enough if you only provide one day. The natural beauty and friendly atmosphere of the city of Magelang are things that tourists cannot forget.

In addition to offering various tourist attractions, Magelang has special foods that will certainly spoil your tongue. So those of you who want to visit Magelang, don't be afraid of starvation ... The following are tourist attractions that are suitable for you to explore Magelang, the City of a Million Tourism:

Ketep Pass

Ketep tourism is a suitable place for those of you who recommend Magelang tours to enjoy the sunset and sunrise without having to get tired of climbing the top of the mountain. With an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, you can see the sunrise clearly.

In addition, visitors can also visit the volcanology museum which is still a part of the Ketep Pass. At the Museum, visitors can learn about Mount Merapi and see the remains of the volcanic activity of Mount Merapi. In this museum, visitors can also see Mount Merapi clearly through the binoculars rented at the Gardu.

Punthuk Setumbu

Indi children must know this place. The golden sunrise offered at Punthuk Setumbu feels like an antidote after we are tired of walking for 20 minutes to get to the top. At Punthuk Setumbu, tourists can see the charm of the sunset and the silhouette of the splendor of Borobudur Temple from a distance. In addition, there is also a garden-style selfie spot at the top of the mountain with flowers and views of the surrounding mountains.

Punthuk Mongkrong

One of the best recommended photo spots for Magelang tourism with a peak view is Punthuk Mongkrong. Here, visitors can take pictures and enjoy the view of two mountains and the clouds right below you.

To get to this beautiful destination, you need a pretty hard struggle, because you have to travel with a fairly steep track. This route can only be traversed using two-wheeled vehicles.

Top Selfi Kragilan Pine Forest

Top pinusan selfies, that's how the local people call it. This destination offers the beauty of the forest complete with pine trees lined up neatly so it is very suitable for young people who like taking selfies. In addition to photos, visitors can also play flying fox and swing while enjoying the cool mountain air.

Silawe waterfall

Another best Magelang tourist spot is Curug Silaweyang located in Sutopati, Kajoran, Magelang. Even though to get to this place you have to take a narrow and slippery road, but the struggle will pay off when you enjoy the comfort and coolness of this waterfall.

Shady trees and waterfalls from the mountains create cool air in this waterfall. Suitable for those of you who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

So, those are the recommendations for Magelang tours that you need to visit. Have a good vacation!


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