Savings Suggestions

Savings Suggestions

Waste is the first major cause of economic collapse. Waste needs to be prevented in all categories, from the home economy to the state economy. Saving measures have become even more important, especially with the increase in cost. The manifestation of water scarcity has once again revealed the importance of saving.

In addition to what needs to be done to save on bills, what kind of savings measures should be taken while shopping are among the current issues. When saving is maintained on a daily basis, it provides profit in the long run. Especially in city life, every individual should not underestimate saving measures.

Saving on water

One of the most important issues in saving is water. In order for future generations not to suffer from water shortages, the new generation should be informed about water saving processes. The following measures can be taken to save water:

1 . Saving faucets should be preferred.

2 . The shower system should have a saving function.

3 . During dishwashing and rinsing operations, the tap should be opened in a low manner.

4 . The faucet should be open at the minimum level during hand washing and ablution processes.

5 . The drain pipe of the washing machine can be connected to the toilet or to the toilet bowl. With this saving method, the toilet is constantly cleaned. The residual water of the dishwasher cannot be used in this way. Dirty water coming out of the dishwasher is full of food residue.

6 . Instead of using a carboy, you can save money by using the fresh water fountain in the neighborhood. Fresh water fountains in the neighborhoods have filtering features compared to the water used in normal residences.

7 . It can be used to collect soapy water residues in a container and wash toilets and similar places.

8 . Dish water or bath water can be used to clean toilet bowls and WCs at home.

Saving electricity

Electricity-related issues are also included in the savings category. The following measures can be taken to save electricity:

1 . All light bulbs at home or at work should have a saving feature. The quality of the bulb will last longer and give more light.

2 . A ++ energy options should be preferred when purchasing ovens, refrigerators, washing machines and similar white goods.

3 . Meals should be made on the stove whenever possible. Oven use should be reduced to a minimum.

4 . Discounted hours for electricity use must be observed. T3 level is the cheapest hours of electricity and is between 22:00 and 06:00. It provides savings between 30% and 40%. Between 6:00 in the daytime and 18:00 in the evening, it is the T1 tariff and saves about 15-20%. The most expensive hours of electricity are between 18:00 and 22:00.

Savings Shopping

Making money is hard, but spending it is pretty easy. Being thrifty is hard work in today's world of waste. However, following the campaigns and discounts in shopping produces economical solutions. It is enough to take a look at the alternative brands that are economical compared to the expensive brands in purchasing. Solving the transportation problem by using a bicycle is not only economical but also a healthy solution. Those who can shop without using a card should not use a card.


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