New features added for intranet version of TikTok

New features added for intranet version of TikTok

TikTok, one of the most popular and criticized apps in the web community, offers two new easy features for its network-side version. The network version of TikTok will allow more users to specifically check their notifications, and also to comment on posts.

The web version of TikTok is being developed

Almost all of the new features developed for the recognized program were for the mobile version of the program. The portable interface is of course used by many, but there is a network version of the program, although it is not well known. As a result, the features are expected to work for the web version of the platform.

The network version of TikTok, which will have easy features by getting small updates, will be more useful. In the past, the TikTok website could only be used to view content. Although the platform includes access to accounts and photo uploads earlier this year, the new update offers users the ability to track notifications and comment on posts.

The reason for this slow development in the network version of the application is that the purpose of the application is on the mobile side. As such, improvements, upgrades and new features are available for many trucking parties. As the popularity of the application increases, the number of people entering the network version also increases and updates are coming for this. The 'older' TikTok users are using the network version of TikTok, especially as they are office workers who rely heavily on computers. TikTok now aims to provide better options to these users.


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