Netflix Survival TV Shows

Netflix Survival TV Shows

One of the genres that movie lovers are most excited about while watching and eagerly awaiting the end is the Survival TV series. We can give examples of these series with the theme of staying on the island, surviving after the epidemic or surviving after the apocalypse. So, what are the survival series that people watch with curiosity? Which survival-themed movies are available on Netflix , the world's best movie and series viewing platform ? Here is the answer…

Netflix Survival TV Shows

1-) The Walking Dead

We took The Walking Dead series, which has been going on for 10 seasons, at the top of our list. As the name suggests, the series is a zombie themed series.

Some people slowly begin to turn into zombies. Countries and scientists cannot prevent this transformation. In the end, all humans turned into zombies, except for the few remaining humans in the world. Here is the story of the untransformed people's struggle to survive to get rid of the zombies.

2-) The 100

Another survival-themed TV series is The 100. The 100 series also tells about the destruction of the world after a nuclear explosion and the lives of some people after this event. As for the subject;

The world will face a nuclear explosion. Humanity, learning this beforehand, builds a space station, which they call Ark, for some people to live. A group of people get on this Ark and go into space before it explodes. Here he survives by spinning around the world. Then, exactly 97 years pass and 100 children who are guilty are sent to the world to find out whether there is still radioactive residue in the world. Here, the survival processes of these hundred children in the world are described.

3-) The I-Land

The I-Land series is a survival series about the struggle of people stranded on the island to survive.

The subject of the series is that several people have spent their lives in a prison. However, the state decided to kill these people on the grounds that they committed many crimes. A group of scientists objected to this and said that they had been living in prison for years. They applied to the state and wanted to put them in an island simulation. The purpose of doing this is to check if the prisoners are getting better. Inmates deemed to have recovered will be removed from the simulation and sent to the real world. Here, the series is a mini-series that tells us about this hustle and bustle.

4-) The Lost

We wouldn't be able to add The Lost series to our list . The Lost series is one of the series that has been in the minds for many years.

The plot of the series is a group of people boarding a plane. The plane crashed on an unknown island. First of all, people will research where this place is and then they will try to get rid of this island. But the truth is far beyond what they know. Things change suddenly and they find themselves in a whirlpool.

5-) Lost in Space

This is another survival drama set in space. Season 2 has just been released on Netflix . It is a family series that takes the viewers into the depths of space.

A family of Robinsons is forced to land on an unknown planet. However, they have to survive and protect each other no matter what. Here, the series presents the events that happened to the Robinsons on this planet. It is the perfect survival story for those looking for a family drama.


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