NETFLIX Doomsday TV Series

NETFLIX Doomsday TV Series

If you are wondering about the struggles of people who survived after the destruction of the world, you are very lucky. There are many series on Netflix with this theme. These series you will watch will take you to other places. So, what are the beautiful Netflix apocalyptic series ?

Here are the apocalyptic series you can watch on Netflix;

Netflix Doomsday series

1-) Revolution

At the top of our list, Revolution, which made an unexpected finale, welcomes us. This series is about the world's sudden power outage and the fact that no electricity can be produced in the world anymore. After this interruption, the changing world is discussed from every angle.

2-) Daybreak

Daybreak is a youth drama that was produced in 2019. It tells the story of a girl's survival after the apocalypse. As for the subject, the Apocalypse has happened and is over. One girl survived in Los Angles. He has to fight zombies and separatist gangs for his own life. At the same time, since she is a young girl, she wants to find the girl of her dreams.

3-) Bird Box

Bird Box, adapted from the book of Josh Malerman, is one of the apocalyptic TV series. The series is about the slow death of people living in the world.

There is a woman in the series. One day some people start killing themselves for no reason. At first, it is thought that they do this because they are crazy, because they are not in good mental health, but this is not the case at all. People see a monster in front of them that they cannot resist. They can't stand it and kill themselves. Here is one of the beautiful series that stand on this subject.

4-) The Walking Dead

Of course, it wouldn't have happened if we didn't include The Walking Dead series on our list while talking about the apocalypse series. The plot of this 10-season series is about zombies invading the world.

The zombie apocalypse has occurred in the world. After that, few people run away to survive and get rid of these people who have not turned into zombies and have turned into zombies. They build a shelter for themselves and start living there. However, they are not the only survivors. There are others.

5-) The 100

The 100 series is one of the series that comes to mind when it comes to apocalyptic series. The world was caught in a nuclear apocalypse and disappeared. A small number of people took refuge in a space station called the Ark, which they made before to get rid of it. When the explosion occurred, they entered this Arc and began to rotate around the axis of the earth. 97 years have passed since the explosion. Someone needs to go back to Earth and check if there is life here. To do this, 100 delinquent children are selected and sent to the world from the station. The series tells about the life conflicts of these 100 people who were born at work.

6-) Westworld

In fact, this series is among both apocalyptic and science fiction series. What distinguishes this series from other series is that there is no apocalypse on earth. The series tells us about the apocalypse that will happen soon.

This time, diseases or epidemics do not bring the end of the world. The end of the world brings artificial intelligence made by humans themselves. If you want a little science fiction but a little apocalyptic theme, this series is for you.

7-) The Rain

The Rain is a Danish drama about people's struggle for survival 6 years after the apocalypse. It shows people's life struggles from different angles.


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