Instagram reels is a content format where you can create short 15-second videos, add music to these videos via Instagram music and share these videos. Instagram reels is a format that is basically the same as tiktok. For this reason, it has also attracted the attention of tiktok users.

One of the big reasons why Instagram reels are increasing in popularity is because tiktok users started using reels. In addition, instagram reels is a content that users can come across on the discover screen.

Instagram Reals Section Content

In the Instagram reels section, there are many features such as adding effects to videos, adding music, video acceleration, timer. To speed up the video, speed options are available, you can choose the speed you want and speed up or slow down the video. You can easily add any of Instagram's own effects from the add effects section. It is possible to perform many operations such as video merging, video cutting, video editing, adding effects to the video you have prepared, with the montage feature. You can share the video you have taken on your story or profile.

Activating Instagram Reels Monetization Feature

The most important thing is that you must be over 18 years old.

The videos you share must be longer than 3 minutes.

The videos you shoot must have been watched for more than 30 thousand minutes in total in the last 60 days. All of these videos must be watched. Incomplete, interrupted views are not included.

You must have at least 10k followers on your Instagram account.

You have to send your information to Instagram and wait for the approval.

Once your information is approved, you can start earning.

How to Make Money on Instagram?

It is possible to earn money if you give the necessary effort and do the necessary things on Instagram. Making money on this platform is easier than you think. Since making money on the Internet has been very popular lately, Instagram has also started to attract a lot of attention. So how to make money from instagram? What are the terms?

The content you shoot on Instagram must be your own. If the shared content is others, it will not benefit you.

The views and likes of the videos you share must be original. If you buy fake likes, comments, Instagram will block you automatically.

Slideshow videos with photos do not earn money, because these videos are not monetized.

Videos should be animated, active, static, unobtrusive videos are not liked by Instagram reels.


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