There are many criticisms about CoronaVac vaccine, which has been released as a Chinese vaccine . One of these criticisms is that the capital of the coronavirus is China. The coronavirus first appeared in 2019 in Wuhan, China. The reason for the emergence of this virus is shown as the animal market in Wuhan city is full of animals that are sources of many microbes.

With the spread of the coronavirus all over the world in a short time, the national problem occurred. For this epidemic, which has a lethal effect, each country has started to work on vaccines and drug treatment in a different way. However, the coronavirus mutated many times and became more powerful, and the methods found remained weak. Finally, by starting the production of the KoronaVac vaccine, China has marketed its own vaccine to many countries. The side effects and protective properties of the CoronaVac vaccine continue to be a matter of curiosity.


From China, Sinovac Company manufactures the vaccine. It is a type of vaccine produced for the purpose of losing the transmission of the virus known as coronavirus. In Turkey, this vaccine to health workers first, applies to military and government employees. In Turkey, this vaccine is the first name Health Minister Fahrettin shot her husband. Later this vaccine has been President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey. Side effects or protective properties of the vaccine are not yet known. However, according to the studies, it is thought to be the most effective vaccine against coronavirus.

With the coronavirus emerging in China, there is little trust in the vaccine. However, as the presidents of countries and leading names are shot, the population of the public begins to change their mind.


CoronaVac, known as the Chinese vaccine, has started to be applied in many countries. However, it is not clear yet about the protective or side effect of the vaccineCoronavac vaccine shot many professors in Turkey, stating that the vaccine's side effects, the community was encouraged to be vaccinated. In addition, he aimed to reinforce the confidence in the vaccine by stating that measures will be taken against the epidemic with rapid vaccination. In Turkey, as the vaccine and 50 million doses of each vaccine shot person, and is known to be revaccinated 15 days.

By observing the protective effect of the vaccine, increasing the dose and intake, it is aimed to pass the society without rapid vaccinationCoronaVacTurkey regarding the situation in a positive way, while in other countries vary in this case. For example, in Brazil, the vaccine's protection rate has dropped from 80 percent to 50 percent. However, these differences are thought to be variable according to the impact of the Coronavirus. The Sinovac Company, which produces the vaccine, has not yet made a statement. It is thought that the person who had the CoronaVac vaccine will survive the vaccine with mild symptoms. This situation emphasizes the importance of slightly circumventing the coronavirus with the vaccine, rather than having no vaccine. However, the effect of the vaccine against contamination has not been determined yet. Although it has an effect against corona, it has not been determined whether it can infect other individuals or not. In the coming days, many details about the vaccine will be clarified.


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