Internet Professions' Monthly Income

Internet Professions' Monthly Income

The internet is developing day by day. Those who want to turn this into an opportunity are increasing day by day. So much so that today there are even people who buy a villa whose income is only on the Internet. In fact, it was confirmed that a 4-year-old child earns $8 million annually. Do you want to work for hours every day and live on minimum wage? Or is it to earn serious money with a comfortable working environment on the Internet?

The first methods of making money on the Internet were via the web. In the field of advertising, since 2005, companies have started to give advertisements because they believe that the Internet will develop. The Internet environment, which is booming especially after the advertisements of large companies, is growing day by day. There are hundreds of different ways to make money on the internet. You can earn good income in any subject you are knowledgeable about.

For example, you can write well, make a good video or program a game. Internet professions that are among the professions of the future and have a very high earning rate!

Youtuber & Streamer

It is at the top of our publishing list, which is one of the simplest ways to make money on the Internet. First of all, it is difficult to master this job with a simple computer like the first one. Because on platforms with thousands or even tens of thousands of good publishers, you should try to achieve something better than them. Good equipment and a computer are very important.

If you want to broadcast, you need to make a good investment in Internet speed. In order to make money that seems simple, although in two ways, you have to make serious efforts at first.

In order to be a good broadcaster, it is very important to get good ideas about the category, channel name, broadcasting. You should not forget that you have to constantly post videos for the future. At the end of our article, we give details about how much these professions can earn per month.

Youtubers or people dealing with publishing can make money ranging from $ 2.5 to $ 10 per 1000 views. You can earn at least $ 250 with even an average of 100,000 views per month. Of course, depending on your content, this can go up to $ 1000. In other words, it is possible to earn at least 1000 TL to 6000 TL per month.

Building a Site & Advertising Publishing

One of the easiest ways to earn money on the Internet is of course establishing a site and making a profit. Nowadays, you need to spend effort for the procedure that seems simple. First, you need to buy a good domain name and server hosting. For this, we will share the average costs with you at the end of the article.

Theme selection is also very important to generate revenue from a good site. Once you have finished these elements, you have to publish content. You can activate your earning money in a good period (on average 1 month). In this sector, it is possible to make a profit with Adsense, the official organization of Google. Thanks to Adsense, you can make money reliably from the ads you publish. But Google wants to get your credibility as it is reliable. For this, you have to complete some of the policies.

There should be no potentially prohibited content within Google policies. In other words, it is not possible to earn a profit from Adsense from any socially harmful site such as betting site, gun sales site, +18 sites. Google Adsense makes it more active to earn money for blog sites and labor sites. For this, you should publish blog posts within a period of 1 month and check your site regularly.

If you follow these rules, it is possible to earn income through Google Adsense.

If you do not have a site that follows these rules, or if you are looking for another platform, there are dozens of different monetization companies. These make 80-90% less money than Adsense. Therefore, it is not preferred much. If hundreds of thousands of people enter your sites daily and you cannot agree with Adsense, you can turn to these companies and earn some income.

You can make a profit according to the sector of the site you set up within the scope of establishing a site and publishing it. You can earn money according to the clickthrough rate where you get 1000 impressions through Adsense. When you click on Adsense ads, you can earn between 0.25 TL and 5 TL if taxes are deducted. The site that earns the most money in the world through Adsense earns 600,000 Turkish Liras per month.

Article Writing & Editing Service

Another source of income on the Internet is content writing. If you love this job and have the ability to write, it is possible to earn good profits. There is a constant need for writing on the internet for translation issues, site and application promotion. On behalf of this, an order is placed for authors who specialize in this work. Authors also earn money by writing the article that customers want.

Monthly earnings can also be played according to the price schedule of the person's own wishes. But at the end of the article, we will have communicated an average fee.

Article authors sell, on average, 100 words for 1.5 TL. It is possible to earn 4000-5000 TL per month within your article writing. You can earn a higher amount of money when you work in office environments and write continuously.

Game Development

Good programmer in game development etc. You don't need to be. You can make games and earn money thanks to game engines for developing simple 2D or 3D games. Today, popular games are also quite high apart from graphics. Every day millions of people play 2D or 3D games. You can also make a profit with simple based games that you will design in just a few days.

There are different ways to earn money from games. If you are making a simple game and you will publish it on the website, you can earn income from advertisements. Or, if you are making an operating system-based game, it is possible to earn money from in-game purchases.

It is possible to sell the game for a small fee by making a little more development. You can earn good income especially when you deliver these games to game libraries such as Steam.

We cannot give any price for developing or investing in games. Because these systems, which consist of hundreds of parameters, differ significantly according to your orientation.

To invest

You should remember that every day thousands of people, businesses and economic units need to be invested on the Internet. Investing is not limited to investing in any company's shares or any currency. With the development of the internet, people started to come up with innovations or innovative ideas in many subjects.

As a result, investing in game developers can expose you to serious income in the medium or long term.

If you make the investments offered by the developers of any game, site, or platform within the framework of official conditions, it is possible to earn more money from foreign exchange or stock exchange investments. This investment method, which has become widespread with the development of the internet environment, plays a very important role both in the pouring of ideas into projects and in terms of long-term income.

Apart from such investments, there are hundreds of companies that we call Forex. It is possible to join Forex companies with official documents on the Internet and earn money. These companies receive commissions from you. You should follow the commission rates that vary from company to company. As a result, you can earn a good monthly income.


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