How to upload a video to TikTok?

How to upload a video to TikTok?

TikTok, the favorite of social media, has been on the agenda for a long time thanks to the extraordinary content it offers. This application, which generally appeals to the humor of young people, is a little more difficult to use than other applications. As such, users who are new to the application do not know how to upload videos to the platform. That's why we will talk about how to upload the video to the TikTok platform in this article.

How to upload a video to TikTok?

Videos are uploaded to the TikTok application in 2 ways. The first of these, of course, is to upload the video on smartphones. The other is to download it from the computer using the application's website. These 2 methods will allow you to easily upload videos to the TikTok application.

Uploading videos on a smartphone

First of all, download the Tiktok application to your phone. Open the application after the download is finished. You will see the Interface of a TikTok application. At the bottom of this interface, there is an icon that looks like a + sign. Click it. We will see the video screen. At the top of this screen, you will see the text Sounds, click it. Then choose which song you want to include in your video in the pop-up window. After the selection process is completed, come to the side of the video page again. Here you will see a round red video icon . You shoot your video by holding this down. After the recording is finished, it plays the video to you before uploading the video. You can make the necessary corrections here. Then NextClick on. Add a title and tag to your video here . Now all we have to do is broadcast the video we recorded.

Upload video from gallery

If you want to add a video through the gallery, tap the + icon at the bottom. There is an icon at the bottom right that says Install . Click on this icon. Then choose which video you want to upload. Press next . In the window that opens, you can add sound and effects to the video. After doing these operations, press Next again . The video will be uploaded to the Tiktok platform according to the speed of your internet.

Uploading videos on the Website

Although it is not very common, video is uploaded to the TikTok platform via computer. To do this, first open the Tiktok application from the browser. After logging into your account, you will see the upload video button in the upper right corner, click it. A new window will appear. Here, select the video you want to upload from the computer. While he uploads the video to the Tiktok application, you take care of the tag and title operations on the side . After the video is uploaded , click the Upload button at the bottom. That is all.


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