How to Overcome Dry Skin Naturally

How to Overcome Dry Skin Naturally

how to deal with dry skin

What is dry skin? Dry skin generally looks dull due to a lack of moisture. Skin that is well hydrated will look healthy and bright. Wrinkles on the skin can develop at an early age, because the skin is dry for a long time. Dry, rough and wrinkled skin are common signs of aging, which you shouldn't be for those of you who are young.

Microbes are easier to thrive on dry, cracked skin, and will cause fungal infections. Thus if it continues, dry skin can also lead to eczema. Hence proper skin care should be taken to increase the moisture level of the skin and prevent drying. Soft, smooth and wrinkle-free skin will give you a youthful and healthy appearance.

Oh yes, before treating dry skin, we should first know the main factors that cause dry skin. You can find out about this below.

Causes of Dry Skin

Our skin can become soft and smooth due to the oil glands that are found under our skin. The skin becomes dry when these glands fail to provide sufficient lubrication to keep skin soft and smooth. Here are some possible causes:

1. The weather is cold and dry season. In these weather conditions, sometimes those that do not match the skin will cause dry skin. Therefore, this can also be said as a factor in the occurrence of dry skin.

2. Dry and cold weather can cause the skin to dry out so that it becomes scaly. So don't be surprised if it happens when the weather is dry and cold, ok.

3. Lack of moisture is enough cause for dry skin. If your skin lacks moisture, it will gradually turn dry and scaly.

4. Heating will further remove moisture and further exacerbate skin dryness.

5. It could also be due to genetic factors. Don't be surprised if one of your family's descendants has experienced dry skin, then you will also get skin disorders, namely dry skin.

6. It may also arise from malnutrition due to poor diet and unhealthy diets.

7. Extreme weather, baths in water that are too hot, strong soaps, swimming in chlorinated water, chemicals from strong cosmetics.

8. The skin loses its ability to retain moisture, for example with age. That's right, if you are elderly then you will get dry skin. However, if that doesn't want to happen! Don't move away from these health and beauty tips, in other words, continue reading it thoroughly.

9. Due to diseases such as hypothyroidism, diabetes , eczema, psoriasis or seborrhea. Don't be surprised if you experience pain from this type of disease, then your skin will become dry.

10. Due to the use of drugs such as diuretics, antihistamines and anti-spasmodics. Also be aware! That drugs can be categorized as a factor in causing dry skin.

Well, that is the main factor that causes dry skin, which you should know and avoid at the same time. However, if that happens is there any way to deal with dry skin ? The answer is below.

How to Overcome Dry Skin Naturally

Well, here are more natural tips for treating dry skin, namely as follows:

1. Avoid Hot Water
By avoiding and not using hot water to clean dry skin, this can overcome your dry skin. Why is that? Because if you wash it with hot water, it can erode the skin's natural moisturizing layer.

2. Use a cotton cloth
This means using a soft cotton cloth by patting it on your dry skin while it is wet and do not rub the skin hard with a rough textured towel.

3. Bathing with Water Sprayer
The next way to deal with dry skin is to take a shower using a clean water sprayer. Why is that? Because it is useful for moisturizing your skin.

4. Avoid Facial Washing Soap
Why should you avoid this face wash? Because strong soaps for washing the face can remove natural oils that protect the skin.

5. Choose a soap containing AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids).
Why should you choose this soap? Because this soap is useful for the face which can help moisturize the skin.

6. With Pamper Skin
Use this skin pamper by massaging with a moisturizer. Because moisturizer will increase the moisture of the top layer of the skin to make it soft and smooth.

7. With Herbal Oil
Massage your body skin regularly with herbal oils. Why is that? Because this herbal oil will soften and prevent dry skin, and help to maintain moisture between the skin pores.

8. With Coconut Oil
Add a thin layer of coconut oil before finishing the shower, as this can be useful for treating dry skin.

9.Avoid using facial cleansers or cosmetics.
Why should you avoid this? Because it contains alcohol and this material will remove natural moisture from the skin.

10. Avoid consuming these foods
if your skin wants to avoid dry skin. My advice is to avoid eating this like junk food such as chips, fried foods, and other junk food.

Those are some ways to deal with dry skin naturally that you can do in an easy way. Hopefully this article can be useful.


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