How to open a TikTok account

How to open a TikTok account

TikTok is a short video sharing platform downloaded by millions of people. Members of this application are increasing day by day.

Many countries, especially China, are now actively using the application. This application, which can reach millions of people at once, is the first among the most downloaded applications. So, how does the account opening process occur in the TikTok application that so many people have downloaded? Let's take a look at this together.

How to open a TikTok account

Opening a TikTok account is actually quite an easy task. Because the TikTok platform offers many methods for new users who will register for the application. You can become a member of the application very easily by choosing the method you want. We will tell you about these ways one by one. You can subscribe to the TikTok application with whichever of these login ways you want. Let's start if you want.

Registration by phone or e-mail

The first thing you need to do here is to download the application from the store there, which operating system you are using. Open the application after downloading it. You will be asked what are your interests. Check the boxes that suit you there. Then click on the Profile section in the lower bar . You will see the Sign Up button on the screen that appears . Press it. After clicking on Use phone or email, enter your date of birth. Then you will see 2 options, phone or e-mail option. Use whichever you want. After following the steps, you can use the application for free.

Registering with Facebook

You can also register to Tiktok application via Facebook. First, click on the human (Profile) icon at the bottom of the application . Then click the sign up button and click the Continue with Facebook button. In the window that opens, if the transactions are not automatic, it will be enough to write your Facebook account. After all these processes, your TikTok account will be opened successfully.

Signing up with Google

If you are going to use this method, you must have a Gmail account. If you have a Gmail account, follow all the methods I have just applied in order and come to the sign up for TikTok page. From here, continue with Google Click the button. A window will open and select the Google account you have registered on your phone, and that's all. Your account will be opened automatically in a few seconds.

Signing up with Twitter

Although many people do not prefer it, there is also TikTok in the signing up with Twitter section. What you need to do here is to click the Continue with Twitter button. After doing this, if your Twitter account is connected to your phone, this process will be automatic, but if not, you need to type your Twitter account in the window that opens. Then your account will be opened.


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