Web sites are one of the indispensable tools in the internet environment. However, opening a web site and ensuring the sustainability of this site is also a very difficult task. So much so that someone who is just starting to set up a website should follow these steps.

1 . Should get a website template first

2 . Must register domain

3 . Each hosting must be purchased for the site to have an infrastructure and memory and to function.

In this process, it can become quite arduous and expensive. So is it possible to open a free website ? If there is such a method, how does it happen? First of all, let's share the answer to this with you.

There are two levers to owning a website or another type of Blog page. The most used of these ways is buying the website as a package. Another way to have a website or blog page is to set up the website, as well as obtaining the individual aspects of the website as mentioned above. In this sense, owning a website is not as easy as it seems. However , if we consider the opportunities offered by the website and the blog page, and the opportunities to make money , it is a very logical investment if we take into account that with the developing internet media, the money is now on the internet.

Likewise, there are many people who open a free website and make money from it. As a matter of fact, there are three essential rules for making money from a website;

The first of these is that the site link is not spot. So it should not have extension. On the contrary, a new domain must be purchased and added to the site. In this way, the site both stands out more and provides the first condition in terms of earning money.

Second, the site must work actively for at least 2 months. So even if someone who opens a new site fails to apply for an advertisement, it will likely result in a negative result.

Finally, in order for a website to earn money and be active (for ad applications to be accepted), the site traffic must be very good. In other words, at least 300 people must see any shared post.

Any site that meets these conditions may result in a positive result by applying for advertising or another site to earn money. So what are the ways to open a website for free?

Starting a Free Website with Blogger

Blogger is one of the important support applications offered by Google. As a matter of fact, with this application, both the site and the desired Blog page can be opened for free. All it has to do is sign up for the Blogger app with a Google account. In short, the following steps can be followed to have a free site with Blogger;

Access the Blogger page and sign in with a Google account.

Enter the Become a Site Owner page after the login

Start a simple site setup with your own information and then the name of the site you want to set up.

Finally, post a post on the site you have set up and check its performance.

The extension name of the site opened with Blogger ends with As this may hinder the site owner in terms of making money, you can stay interesting with a cheap domain name and the extension name of your site. There are many platforms on the Internet that sell or rent domains.

Get the Opportunity to Open a Free Website with Wordpress

Depending on the wordpress application, there are approximately 1 million established sites that actively make money from it. It has more themes and a more useful structure than Blogger. As a matter of fact, there are many site themes on the internet that you can install on your site for free with the Wordpress infrastructure. In this respect , the most used method to set up a Free Web Site is Wordpress.

To open a site with Wordpress, it is enough to access the Wordpress application and register from here just like Blogger. The next steps are;

1. Determine the type of web page or blog page

2. Putting the name of the site

3.Select the site extension name

4.Choosing the site theme

5. Finally, to confirm these transactions

Takes place.

What Are The Ways To Make Money From A Free Website?

Having a website for free is a fairly simple task. In addition, at a low cost, you can prepare your site more for both interesting and monetization infrastructure. In this sense, we encounter the following methods.

1. Make Money by Advertising the Site

We have already mentioned the monetization conditions for a free website or blog page. In addition, it was a prerequisite for the site to have good traffic. As a matter of fact, there are many platforms to advertise on your site. These can be briefly expressed as follows;

Google Adsense



Ad Tree


2. Make Money On The Site With A Business Partnership

Many sites have people who make money from advertising. For this, you can place ads in the form of a business partnership on your site in the above-mentioned advertising sites. Or, by another method, you can apply for business partnership by agreeing with stores and similar organizations. In this method, if your site traffic is good, there is a chance to earn a lot of revenue.

3.You can earn money by posting ads on your site

Posting ads is the monopoly of many sites. As a matter of fact, news sites make a lot of money in this way. So much so that your site traffic must be pretty good for you to be able to use this method.


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