How to Make an Instagram Live Broadcast?

How to Make an Instagram Live Broadcast?

The Instagram live broadcast feature is considered one of the most popular features of recent times. Every day, millions of people can interact with each other by broadcasting live on the social media platform.

In addition to individual users, many companies have been actively using this feature recently in order to increase their brand value and increase their sales volume. So, how to make an Instagram live broadcast, one of the most popular features of recent times?

How to Stream Instagram Live Step by Step

The Instagram live broadcast feature is mostly preferred by individual users. Although this feature is mostly preferred by individual users, many brands have been actively using this feature to promote their products recently. You can also open a live broadcast on Instagram by following the narration below.

• In order to broadcast live on the social media platform, you must first have the most up-to-date version of the Instagram application.

• If you have the most up-to-date version of the Instagram application, open the application.

•After opening the application, press the story button on the top left of the home page.

•After pressing the story button, your camera will open automatically.

• After your camera is turned on, select the live broadcast option at the bottom of the screen.

•After selecting the live broadcast option, the “Start Live Video” button will appear.

•After pressing the button, your live broadcast will start automatically.

How to Record Live Broadcast?

Thanks to the Instagram live broadcast recording feature, you can record your broadcasts very easily. In order to use this feature actively, you need to activate the "Share Your Video for 24 Hours for More People to Watch" button that appears after the broadcast. After you activate the button, your broadcast will be recorded for 24 hours.

Suggestions for Quality Live Broadcasting

In order to be able to broadcast live on the Instagram platform, you must first have a quality internet infrastructure. In addition to the internet infrastructure, you can use a tripod to improve your broadcasts, receive guests on your broadcasts and interact with the audience.

Instagram Live Broadcast Settings

You can make a few simple settings for live broadcasts on the social media platform. Here are the settings you will make for the live broadcast;

• You can change the camera angle by clicking the settings tab in the live broadcast section.

• Thanks to the settings in the application, you can start your live broadcasts directly with the front camera.

• You can automatically record your live broadcasts to your phone by clicking the Reels tab in the Settings section.

• By clicking on the story tab in the settings section, you can save your live broadcasts in the archive, give permission to share, automatically share your story on the Facebook platform, and easily choose who can reply to your story.

Instagram Live Broadcast Record

The Instagram live broadcast record was officially broken by Acun Ilıcalı in the past months. Acun Ilıcalı reached 3 million viewers in a short time with his live broadcast from his social media account. As it is known, the previous record belonged to a user named Tekashi69 with 2 million viewers.


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