Astral travel is the condition in which the soul can travel out of the body during the phase between sleep and wakefulness. Astral travel, which is a spiritual journey, is not one of the travels that can be made physically and physically. In short, astral travel is the spiritual being leaving the body and wandering. It is said that people who experience astral travel can move between universes. It is a transitory and spiritual journey process that is said to take place in different places outside of the physical body while the human consciousness is in place. Many people want to know about astral travel .

How to Make Astral Travel?

In order to make astral travel, some research should be done and information should be obtained. Astral travel is not an easy journey as it is thought, and although it has been tried many times, negative results can be obtained. The most important detail for astral travel is to create the appropriate atmosphere. There are many stages (techniques) of astral journeying .

What are the Astral Journey Stages?

Preparation Process: It should be tried especially after the morning prayer and before the sun rises. Experienced people state that the focus required for astral travel is better achieved before sunrise. Although there is no specific time to do it with a strict rule, it is safer to do it after the morning call to prayer. Astral travel can be achieved if the necessary focus and strength is felt.

Creating the Right Atmosphere: Astral journey requires a state of deep relaxation. Therefore, the part where the house is completely comfortable should be chosen and built there. Then the mind and body need to be relaxed and relaxed. The astral journey is easier to do without anyone in the room. Also, as it requires a total focus, anything that might create a distraction should be removed from the room.

Lying down to relax: It is necessary to lie down and relax in a room where attention will not be distracted. The person needs to focus fully on himself and his mind. Thus, full comfort can be achieved mentally and physically. At the moment when feeling completely peaceful, all the muscles must be tightened and the body fully contracted. After staying in this way for a short time, the muscles should be left relaxed, starting with the feet. Then take a deep breath and exhale slowly. A very bright and white light should be imagined in the mind.

Separating the Spirit from the Body: It must become hypnotic. The period between spiritual sleep and wakefulness must be entered. In this region in between, a hypnotic transition phase takes place and the first step of astral travel begins here.

Focus should be on any part of the body with eyes closed. This focus must continue until all other thoughts have disappeared. The mentally focused limb should be bored or imagined to be bored. Physical movement should not be strictly. This process should continue until it seems to see the focused region moving.

Going into a Vibrating State: While all of these are being applied, the body can be felt to enter the vibrating state. At this point, one should not be afraid. Calmness must be maintained. Many people give up their fear of rapid heartbeat and adrenaline at this point. The reason for the vibration is that the soul begins to leave the body. The only thing you have to think about here is to imagine your bed or room using your mind. When this stage is reached, the mind should focus on standing up. It is possible for the soul to be guided in the mind. The moment you think about them as realistically as possible and enter the vibrational phase, it means that you can move your soul.

When you feel your soul standing up, turn and look at your bed. If you can see yourself, you have achieved astral success.

Back to the Body: The soul is always connected to the body. There is an invisible power and this tie is called the "silver cord". Imagine entering your body and approaching yourself. This way, you will have completed your first experience.

Astral travel is not as easy as it might seem. A strong focus is required. It also means that you are now in another dimension as the soul is separated from the body. There are also beings in this dimension that we cannot normally see physically. Spirit may encounter these. Therefore, it is necessary to make wudu and be sure of fears before astral travel.


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