How to increase Youtube views?

How to increase Youtube views?

Due to the fast life style given by the age of technology, business sectors are also affected by this and try to reach people through different platforms. A very young man dreamed in Turkey on YouTube famous and dreams of becoming rich, is a result of failures in state history to quickly collapse. In order to stand out on YouTube, you first need to increase your number of views. It is very important that you focus not only on the number of views, but also on watch time. Let's say you shared a 10-minute video on your channel, but the average watch time is less than 1 minute. In this case, if the number of views is high, YouTube algorithm will not show your video in the suggested list. Of course, it would be a mistake to expect a newly opened channel to reach thousands of people, but if it reaches even 10, the average watch time of the shared video should be at least 70 percent. You have to keep the viewer on the screen to watch your video. For this, it will be much easier for you to keep your audience on the screen by producing original content that is unique to you instead of copy and similar content.

It is important to get rid of the false video titles and the narration that has nothing to do with the content. You can mislead people once and film your video, but the second time it will be the other way around. You should always include correct and accurate descriptions and video titles about your video content.

Sharing 5 videos a day, although it may seem nice, is not a good situation. If you share 5 videos a day and do not add videos to your channel for a week, the YouTube algorithm also allows you to fall into the background. In order to prevent this, it would be much better to add videos to your channel regularly. In this way, the viewers will enter a situation where they wait for the video you will throw. In order not to lose the audience you have gained, you should continue to produce quality content.


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