With a new update, Pubg Mobile has come with a feature that users will enjoy. This feature is the heavy weapon mod feature. So what are these heavy weapons, how to enter heavy weapon mode, how to activate it, let's examine it.

Let's start with the details of Pubg Mobile heavy weapon mod;

Pubg mobile heavy weapon mode is played in teams of 4 or as a one man squad. The most distinctive feature of this mode is to find super ammunition chests, which resemble air drops, before other users in the game and kill them. Chests appear every three minutes. The heavy weapons that come out of these crates will take you one step ahead of other users. If you are faster than other users and find more ammunition chests in three minutes, you are closer to being the leader at the end of the game.

Another feature is the revitalization feature. Thanks to the revitalization feature, when your teammate dies, we can immediately go to his teammate, take the cards in his chest and go to the communication tower, and we can take our teammate back into the game. But an important thing to know is that it is necessary to take away the cards within 90 seconds after your teammate dies.

Let's take a look at the weapon and vehicle features inside this heavy weapon mod:


The most distinctive feature of this tool is that it allows you to escape quickly in space constrictions. It also allows you to quickly find and get ammunition crates before anyone else.

BRDM-2 Armored vehicle

A must-have for heavy weapon mod, this tool helps clashing team players escape without noticing you.

These vehicles are more durable compared to other vehicles. And it's just for walking around and for protection.

Super ammunition chest (1 in 3 minutes)

This chest, which comes out every three minutes, contains different and quality equipment and weapons. If you quickly find and get it by helicopter near this chest that appears in certain parts of the map, you will be stronger than other players.

This chest belongs to the heavy weapon mode:

MGL Grenade Launcher

Mini Gun


Air Attack Object


weapons are coming out.

Except for heavy weapon mode weapons;

Awm Sniper



Aug A3


DBS Shotgun

8x Binoculars

There are guns.

Air attack sign

The air attack signal is a weapon that can be found outside the ammunition chest. Other players will have you kill them while searching the chest. You can find it inside the ammunition chest or at the points where there is equipment in the game.

Vehicle repair package

You can repair all vehicles in the game thanks to the vehicle repair package available at every point on the map.


Being one of the most powerful weapons, M3E1-A belongs to the guided missile structure, but it is capable of destroying a team with a single missile. The probability of hitting its target is very high. There is coke in the game.


Known for its rapid fire feature, this weapon is ideal for killing unarmored players at the beginning of the game. You can shoot down the helicopter and armored vehicles.


Known for its ability to shoot very fast, this weapon has the power to kill opponent team players in a very short time. It has 6 bullet chambers.

M79 40MM - Short M79

The M79 and the short m79 MGL are a gun-like grenade launcher. Single shot squeezing is possible. It can be used for self-protection until MGL is found.


Known as the most useful of machine guns, this weapon was presented to users with its heavy weapon mode feature. This weapon, which has a capacity of 200 rounds inside, is known to instill fear in rival players. Having this weapon before other players will put you at a disadvantage.

These were the heavy weapon and features of Pubg mobile, now let's examine how to enter the heavy weapon mode, how to activate the heavy weapon mode:

Let's click on the place under the start button that appears on the main screen that appears after entering the game. Then, in the opened section, let's click on the eva field, after clicking it, heavy weapon mode will be written on the side and click on it. After clicking it, you can now play in heavy weapon mode.

This heavy weapon mode feature seems to excite the Pubg mobile users. Thanks to these features, it will increase your success in the game against other users. And again, thanks to this heavy weapon mode feature, pubg mobile, which becomes more fun and enjoyable, continues to be indispensable for users.


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