TikTok is one of the most popular social media networks with nearly 900 million users. The way to be popular in Tiktok, which stands out with its dances, music, videos, duets and many more, is to gain followers. Gaining followers on TikTok provides recognition in the face of large masses and can be a gain for many businesses.

7 Effective Ways to Gain Followers on TikTok!

1. Choose Popular Songs!

Most of the TikTok videos progress through songs and videos. People who spend time in Tiktok can fall under the spell of these songs. Sometimes, even if you have very meaningless videos, you can increase the number of your followers only with the songs you choose.

When choosing TikTok music, you can check the list of the most listened songs on a country basis.

The TikTok application will present a list of popular songs for the videos you have or will be shooting. You can use the songs in this list.

2. Capture Exclusive Videos!

The most important way to increase followers in TikTok is to prepare special videos for the target audience. Your target audience may be young people between the ages of 15-18 or a conservative segment who likes religious content. The important thing will be to choose this target audience correctly and to prepare special videos for the audience.

When determining the target audience:

Your audience's age range,

What your audience likes,

To be able to appeal to the spirit world of your audience,

You should be careful about preparing videos that will affect the audience.

3.Beware of Hashtag Usage!

You need to choose a hashtag for each of the videos you will post on TikTok and try to be one of the addresses that can be found when people search. When choosing TikTok hashtags ;

You must choose keywords that are relevant to your content. Hashtag means keywords used in searches. For example, if you shot a video about Valentine's Day, you can choose from general to specific words such as "Valentine's Day special, Valentine's Day gifts, Valentine's day surprises ..." while choosing a hashtag.

In order to gain Tiktok followers, you should try to choose more specific words, not general words, in your keyword selections. For example, instead of a general hashtag like Valentine's Day, a special hashtag can be entered as the ones that come to mind when it comes to Valentine's Day.

Do not choose irrelevant words because of rhyme in choosing hashtags. And don't just pick the words you see trending just to be popular.

4. Update and Optimize Your Profile!

The simplest practice to discover on Tiktok is to post new videos frequently. Videos, which will be prepared regularly and with interesting titles, will keep your profile up to date and increase your number of followers.

To keep your profile up to date, upload videos once a day or every two or three days instead of once a week.

Post engaging videos on your profile.

Take shots that accurately describe your profile.

5. Capture Trending Videos!

When you see trending videos on TikTok, you can adapt to these trends and shoot a new video. Sometimes the videos you shoot by following the trends can get you more followers by watching more than the trendy video.

When converting trending videos:

Add something from yourself.

Make the video more fun, not the standard boring.

Try out the trend with different versions of the song.

6. Use the Stitch Feature!

TikTok offers you the opportunity to take a small portion of the phenomenon videos and combine them with your own videos. By taking advantage of this feature, you can create a more popular video loop by adding different phenomena to your own videos.

7. Do not delete your TikTok videos if they are not watched!

If the videos you shot in order to gain TikTok followers do not provide the returns you want, do not delete these videos. Although your videos did not gain followers in the first days or even the first weeks, these videos will be watched over time and will affect your number of followers.


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