How to download videos from Facebook?

How to download videos from Facebook?

Here we will show you the easiest way to download videos from Facebook without using a program or plug-in with a detailed explanation. Even if Facebook does not offer us the option of " download video ", you will be able to see your business easily, as if you were given the option thanks to the applications we will explain. How do you want to download the videos you see on Facebook without using any program or using a program? We will present this to you in all ways. Download options vary depending on the device you use.

Facebook Video Download for Android Device Users

If you are using an ANDROID device, you may need to download a program. One of these programs is SnapTube application. After downloading the SnapTube application, you must install the application. Then, open the video you want to download via Facebook and tap the "..." icon. You have to click on the option that says "copy url". When you touch the card on the screen, the download process will be started.

Facebook Video Download for iOS Device Users

If you are using an iOS device, you need to download the program. One of these applications is the application called MyMedia . With the MyMedia application, you can easily download videos from Facebook. First of all , you need to download and install the application called MyMedia from APP STORE. Then you need to open the video you want to download from Facebook. The sharing option will appear after the video has been played. Select the "copy link" option by tapping the share option. Then MyMediaOpen the app and paste the copied URL here. While downloading the video, you can choose SD or HD options according to your preference. 

After selecting these options, the download process will begin. Another application is the application called "Browser and File Manager for Documents". After downloading the application named "Browser and File Manager for Documents" easily on your iPhone, open the application slowly. The bar at the top of your browser is your address bar. Tap it and type there and wait for the page to load. In addition, thanks to this site, you can easily download videos from most social media platforms such as FacebookYoutubeVimeoInstagram. After waiting for the Instagram page to load, it is necessary to choose which platform to download your video from. Here we will choose the Facebook platform. Later We will paste the URL of the Facebook link into the bar called Enter the empty video link. Then, after tapping the download button, our action will be performed easily. A new page will appear afterwards. You will come to the end of the page. After selecting the mp4 download option, you will click the download button from the drop-down menu options. And the download will begin. Now, thanks to this application, you will be able to download the videos you want comfortably and easily, regardless of the platform you want.

Facebook Video Downloading on Computer

Open the video you want to download via Facebook. Open the video and click the " Show Video URL " option over it . The address of the video will be displayed on a small box. We need to copy this address by touching the right button. Paste the video URL you copied from "fb.down". You can start downloading the video by tapping the download or "download" button. There are also alternative methods for computer users. Touch the video you want to download with the right button. And copy its link, its URL. And by changing the head of the link, type "mbasic" and you can start playing the video. You can then right-click on the video and save it to your computer's disk.

In our article today " How to download videos on Facebook ?" today we sought an answer to the question. I hope we answered your question. I hope you don't have any question marks left in your mind.


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