How to Download Instagram Reels Video?

How to Download Instagram Reals Video?

In recent days , millions of users have been wondering how to download Instagram reels video . Instagram reels videos, created as a rival to Tiktok , have been actively used by many members, although they are still quite new.

Thanks to the entertaining and enjoyable videos created on Instagram, the user group can make good use of their free time. In addition, it is possible to download reels videos to your gallery with just a few operations and share them through different applications.

How to Record Instagram Reel Videos?

All reels videos shot through the Instagram application can be downloaded to Android devices. For Instagram reel video download process, it is necessary to record the videos first. First, you must go to the "Discover" section and enter the IGTV section where the feature is located. After this process;

•You must log in to the IGTV section and click on the "Reels" button.

• Videos created by many people in the Reels section will be displayed in order.

•Users must select the three-dot icon at the bottom right to download reels videos after watching them.

• Video can be recorded by selecting the Save step from the opened tabs section.

•Recorded videos are located in the "Saved" section of the three-dot icon at the top right of your profile.

•Recorded videos can be watched from here when requested, and Instagram reels video downloading can be done afterwards.

Download Reel Video for Instagram Android

Users who want to download reel videos on Instagram should use the specially created download program. For this, enter the Google Play section and write "Video Downloader for Instagram".

Users who install the application should copy the link of the desired reels video from the saved section of Instagram. The copied link should be pasted into the other application. At the end of this process, Instagram reels video download will be performed automatically.

Instagram Reels Video Download IPhone

Instagram reels video download There is a specially created program for people who have iPhone devices. At this point, users who log into the Apple Store section should write "InSaver for Instagram" in the Search section. After installing the resulting application, it will be ready for download.

Go to the Recorded section of the Instagram application and copy the link of the video you want to download. Then the copied link should be pasted into this downloaded application. After this step, the video download process will be performed on Iphone devices.


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