Undoubtedly, the most popular application of recent times is the tiktok video sharing platform. Millions of users share short videos in this environment. As with all social media accounts, the aim here is to get followers and likes.

The posts made on Instagram and Facebook are seen by the people who follow the page. If a very popular Instagram user shares, it falls on the discovery on the home page. So how does tiktok video fall into discovery ?

Tiktok follower increase

The higher the number of followers, the more likely the videos will be seen on the homepage of people who do not follow you. As with Instagram, videos need to be original and stand out in order to increase tiktok followers . The posts that received thousands of likes have always been videos that do not imitate someone else, have been prepared with great effort and have a unique style.

Add description to video

The shared video falls on someone's page one way or another. The important point here is to watch the video until the end without scrolling up. The explanation made by the manufacturer under the video is very important for viewing. Intriguing explanations are always an effective tactic. For example, instead of saying I am eating an apple in this video, people are curious about what happened to me while eating an apple. How do you discover tiktok video drops ? Why are the videos viewed by so few people? To eliminate such problems, it is necessary to add an effective video description.

Adding tags to the video

In order for more people to see the videos, it is enough to make a few tags in the description section. Some users find it helpful to put too many tags. But adding too many tags is not very effective. You can follow the videos of phenomenal tiktokers and get an idea about making a label.

A video that will attract people's attention, an intriguing video description, a few tags, but not too many, are the criteria to discover tiktok . Being a popular tiktok user is a matter of luck. The important thing is to attract attention.


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