How to Delete WhatsApp Account?

How to Delete WhatsApp Account?

WhatsApp made an announcement that shocked its users in the past months. He announced that they will benefit from the data of their users who accept their contracts, which will be renewed in February. Many people who heard this news deleted the application because they no longer saw it as reliable. Well, let's talk briefly about how to delete WhatsApp account .

What is WhatsApp Account Deletion?

Many people who try to delete the WhatsApp application on their devices are actually deleting an account of their own. WhatsApp is a user chat account based on contacts' phone numbers. Although it is a messaging application, it is very different from a regular phone messaging application.

WhatsApp account deletion is the user's complete deletion and removal of WhatsApp through the application. When users delete their WhatsApp account, they can no longer use this application and delete all WhatsApp chats on their phones.

Although users who have deleted their accounts try to undo the removal, unfortunately they have to wait for about 90 days before they can log in to the application again. When their accounts are reopened, they cannot access their old WhatsApp chat histories.

It is quite easy to remove WhatsApp from your device and close your account. To close a WhatsApp account, it will be enough to do a few actions within the application.

WhatsApp Account Closure

There are 5 steps you need to follow to completely delete your WhatsApp account.

•First of all, you must log in to your WhatsApp application.

•Then you should click on the place with three dots in the top right corner. Here you will see the settings section.

•You should click on the settings tab that appears.

• When you click on the settings, you must enter the account section on the page that appears.

From here, you can delete WhatsApp account by clicking delete my account at the bottom.

WhatsApp account deletion link

Many people who do not have access to their device or have their phone stolen want a WhatsApp account deletion link. Unfortunately, this cannot be done over the web.

In order to completely delete the WhatsApp account, the user must log in to the application from his phone or from a device with a sim card with the same phone number. Because the WhatsApp account is an account opened directly on the person's own phone number. For this reason, it has become mandatory to make transactions with the same phone number.

WhatsApp account freeze

Some users do not want to use the WhatsApp application for a while and want to freeze their accounts. In this, they are trying to freeze the WhatsApp account. Unfortunately, there is no account freezing feature on WhatsApp.


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