How to Delete Facebook Search History?

How to Delete Facebook Search History?

Facebook search history is a place that is constantly viewed by users. Facebook, one of the most used social media accounts, constantly renews itself by bringing new updates every day. In this process, the Facebook search engine is also being renewed. The names written in the search engine are permanent as long as they are not deleted. People who are disturbed by this can get rid of this situation by clearing their search history.

People who want to clear their search history should follow the steps below. These:

1 . Log in to your Facebook account from the mobile app or website.

2 . Click on the "Search Facebook" button in the upper left corner.

3 . Select the "Edit" section just below the button.

4 . Click on the "Delete call logs" option at the bottom left.

It is possible to clear your search history with these actions.

How To Find Facebook Deleted Search History?

Unfortunately, people who want to find the deleted search history after deleting the Facebook search history come to a negative conclusion. Clearing the search history causes data to be completely deleted. For this reason, if the searched people are deleted, they are not in the search history again.

How to See Facebook Search History?

When people who want to see Facebook search history type letters on the Facebook search engine, they may encounter the accounts of people they know or people they do not know. It is possible to see the people or pages you have previously searched for by logging into the Facebook account and entering the "Search on Facebook" section in the upper left corner.

Actions to be taken by those who want to see the search history in more detail:

• Login to your Facebook account.

• Select the "Settings and Privacy" button by clicking the cursor in the upper right corner.

• Then select "Movements Dump".

• Then click the "Filter" button on the left and select the search history.

It is possible to see everything you are looking for in the search engine in more detail here.

How to Clear Facebook Watch History?

People who want to delete the videos you watch on Facebook are very simple. These:

1 . Sign in to your Facebook account.

2. Select the "Settings and Privacy" button by clicking the cursor at the top right.

3 . Then enter the "Transcript".

4 . Click on the "Filter" section on the top left and select the "Videos You Watch" option.

5 . Clear all the videos you watched by clicking "Clear Video Watch History" at the bottom left.

How to Delete Facebook Transaction Log?

Facebook search history or transaction log deletion is one of the most common actions people do. Those who want to delete a transaction log should follow the steps below:

1 . Sign in to your Facebook account.

2 . Click the cursor in the upper right corner and select the "Settings and Privacy" button.

3 . Then select "Movement Dump".

4 . Select the transactions you want to delete by clicking the "Filter" button on the upper left.

5 . It is possible to delete the posts you want by clicking the (…) icon next to the posts you want to delete.


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