Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites today. Instagram shares photos, videos and stories to its followers from all over the world.

What is Blue Tick?

Blue tick is usually bought by singers, football players, models, writers, actors, political personalities, well-known people. If these people can buy these, the meaning of blue tick also means approved account. Instagram gives blue tick to generally known celebrities. Of course, people like you can get it too, so there are fields. But it is very difficult to get.

Why should I buy Blue Tick?

If you get a blue tick , everyone knows that that account belongs to you. Because they do not want any conditions when opening an account on Instagram . Anyone can open accounts in any way they want. If you have an important personality, you do not want accounts that are not yours to damage your reputation. That's why it will be more beneficial for you to get a blue tick account. One of the biggest reasons is that when people see blue ticks, the concept of trust will emerge. In addition, your account will be more prestigious. Because if you are a blue tick company, it will add a plus value to the company if it is a personal account.

Now let's get to the question of how to get a blue tick account . I will explain this situation to you step by step, and if you wish, you can realize the items I explained while reading this article.

Login to the account.

First, let's start by logging into your Instagram account. You entered the account by typing your username and password. If your account is in a private profile, save it as 'Business profile'.

Login to the Settings tab

In this step, we enter the settings tab. After logging in to the settings tab, we click on the account section. From the account section, we enter the request for verification option. Remember, to do these you need to switch to a business account or these transactions will not appear in the personal account. Click on the request verification option and you will see some things to fill in. Some of these are;

User name

Name and surname

Common Name


ID Image

One of the issues you should pay particular attention to while sending these is the identity image. Name, surname, date of birth, etc. It is very important that your information is visible.

Let's not forget that the applicant does not receive approval for every blue tick. Therefore, it cannot be said that you will get a definite result. We can give some tips just to increase your chances, some of which are;

Share original content

Don't make fake followers

Do not fake likes

Share photos and locations regularly

Advertise regularly.

By doing these, you can increase your chances a little. Buying a blue tiki is more of an easy task for celebrities. But you can try your luck out of nothing.


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