How do youtube videos get discovered?

How do youtube videos get discovered?

It uses the explore feature so that mobile users can find Youtube videos and channels more easily. In this way, users can find the content more easily and access the videos. In the statement of the Youtube management, it is stated that the Discover feature can be viewed as a tab just below the application main screen.

There are videos that have become popular in the Discover menu. It reveals target pages to reach categories in multiple popular content such as music, games, beauty, education and fashion. In order to discover Youtube, it is necessary to apply certain tricks.

Tips to Discover Youtube Videos

Although the channel owners have uploaded a new 2-minute video almost every day in order to stay active on Youtube, the videos must be between 10 and 20 minutes in length for them to be discovered after the reviews. Therefore, you should upload more than 10 minutes of video for your channel.

After uploading the video, update your playlist by editing it. At the same time, make sure that the video titles to be used are short and create interesting titles.

If you are a channel owner, you should definitely create a cover photo for your channel.

Comments from your followers will start coming for the videos on your channel. Be sure to respond to each comment separately. Because in this way, it will be very good for the future of your communication channel to be established with the followers.

Include the link of your videos that are similar to the video to be prepared or the last part of it. In this way, you will ensure that your subscriber who will come to your channel spend more time.

After the production of the content, one of the details that will stand out regardless of the platform is to do Seo work. The keywords to be determined together with the seo work for your Youtube channel will facilitate access to a wider audience. Of course, you have to find out which keywords are right for your channel. It would be wrong to expect that it will provide a benefit for the keyword that is not related to your channel or is not used in searches.

Following these recommendations to the letter will reveal a comprehensive study during the videos of the visitors who will come to your channel. The most important detail in this work to be explored is to enable visitors to access videos and channels on topics that are difficult to encounter in a different way. At the same time, since the system in question will be presented in a personalized way, the format in which the videos of different genres will be watched is determined by the users.

With the Discover feature used in the Youtube mobile application , it brings the videos in categories such as art, science and sports to the visitors, just like in the discover tab of Instagram. Although there is no clear date for the update for Android or iOS at the moment, this new feature is expected to be available on both platforms for users in a period of about a month or two after the start of testing.


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