How do subscribers and views on Youtube contract?

How do subscribers and views on Youtube contract?

Youtube, which is the crown of social media platforms, is reaching larger audiences day by day. On this platform, people can share their favorite works on videos and even earn significant amounts of revenue from these videos. Those with a high number of subscribers do not need to do another job because the money earned there is higher than most people's salaries. Of course, to make a profit from this, you have to send your videos to people in some way and make them watch them. Otherwise, it is possible to see hundreds of thousands of Youtube channels that have not exceeded ten thousand subscribers for years . This is because the platform is not used correctly and effectively.

Make your video content original and high quality: Stolen videos will not take you a step further. Being original and producing quality works should be your primary goal. Do not try to apply concepts implemented by other channels on your own channel. Make sure that the music you use does not contain copyright. A copyrighted music takes the entire video off the air. It is not difficult to find royalty- free music, Youtube Studio provides access to many royalty-free music.

Respond to every comment: Try to respond to all comments on your channel and videos as best you can. Thus, Youtube will determine you as an active publisher over time. Small things and things that are considered worthless are actually steps to big things. Another effect of your answers is clearly visible on user returns. A user who responds to their comment will never withdraw from subscribing when they think you are interested in them. However, it makes frequent returns to your channel. When you win a person, you will add his circle to your channel over time. Remember that people are happy to feel cared for and their comments taken into consideration.

Comment on other Youtube videos: Never perceive this as spam because using phrases such as "please subscribe to my channel" will have negative effects. Instead, expressions such as "I have a video on this subject, maybe you may be interested" should be used. Otherwise, people who think you are doing social media beggars will throw bad comments under almost every video. Definitely post your comments under videos similar to your own content. Do not spam irrelevant videos and spam unnecessarily . If this method is applied correctly, you can get many subscribers in a short time. Channels reaching 50 thousand subscribers with only comments are known.

Advertising: You can promote your Youtube channel with advertisements . You can do this by writing a promotional article on webmaster forums or for a fee on other Youtube channels. This method is not recommended for people who do not have much income. If you have money that you have set aside for this business, advertise without thinking. Thanks to the ads, your channel will add value to its value, and this will continue unless the advertised video or article is removed.

Youtube descriptions and tags: As with other social media platforms, the topic of tags is very important in Youtube. Thanks to the tags, you can go up in the searches. You can add one-word keywords describing your video from the video upload screen . If more than 15 tags are added, all tags are automatically ignored. It will be enough to add ten keywords. Too many keywords are not to reach too many users. Link to irrelevant video content and add ten tags.

On Youtube , the explanations are as important as the tags . Place a few sentences from your video here to prevent written stealing. Some people convert videos to audio and publish them on their websites. For this reason, be sure to put a part of your video in text descriptions. Also, avoid exaggerating it to the extent that it will make users uncomfortable. With it, you can place a link to your previous videos in the descriptions. Under each statement, add a warning text such as "don't forget to subscribe and like". There may be a little ointment to videos that are forgotten to be liked.

Fill in your account personal data: Users may wonder who the channel owner is. Make an effort to fill in your personal information completely. Let your article be a bit interesting for people to know and be interested in you. Give up simplicity and excessive unnecessary seriousness. Introduce yourself to people by writing here what you aim and what you want to do on Youtube.

Host sweepstakes : Host sweepstakes that are the center of attention of your audience on your channel. Also definitely include phrases like "There is a lottery" in the video title. Make sure that you will have a great rise with the draw, depending on your current number and subscribers. You can make several lotteries with the money you give to the advertisement. In this way, you will add a few content to your channel. It would not be wrong to say that raffle editing is a more effective and precise method than most methods.

Nowadays, it is possible to find cheaters that increase Youtube subscribers and viewers with money. If you take such paths, it is only a matter of time before your channel gets blocked. Youtube can easily detect these people with its advanced system. If the subscriber were something that could be bought with money, nobody would do much effort, it would easily have millions of subscribers. Having natural subscribers and growing by loving and recognizing your audience will be the best and most beautiful for you.


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