Here are the Skills That Can Be Included on the CV

Here are the Skills That Can Be Included on the CV

Writing a CV is not an easy task to get the results we want and we need even more difficult. Because CV is so important for competition in today's job market, it is very important to highlight our own CV to be able to pass the CV selection in the company.

To be sure, you should focus on the skills you have in addition to your academic abilities. Employers give you all the info you need when they advertise vacancies and they will state what kind of people they are looking for and what skills to have on the candidate.

So how exactly do you create a CV that fits your goals? If you have a skill set that emphasizes the skills employers are looking for, chances are it will hit the spot. Here are the skills you might want to highlight on your CV:

1. Technical skills

Technical skills indicate knowledge of a particular discipline and are often highly valued by employers. Don't get hung up on technical words. You may have some technical skills.

If, for example, you have digital marketing experience, your technical skills might include WordPress or SEO. If you are an engineering graduate, your technical skills may include CAD or technical drawing.

The most common technical skills include:

Data analysis
Soft Skills

2. Soft Skills (Subtle Skills)

These skills look less tangible than technical skills, and they can also be much more difficult to demonstrate. Mastery of soft skills often shows the potential for leadership and good teamwork in a candidate.

The most common soft skills include:

Team work
Time management

Those are some of the skills that are needed, but if you enroll in a finance job you can include your skills in making a financial budget, this is a skill to save on monthly expenses . This can make your English  more attractive and prominent.


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