Favorite Profession: Influencer

Favorite Profession: Influencer

The new profession group '' influencer '' , whose name we have heard frequently in recent years . So what is this profession group whose name we hear constantly and which is in everyone's language? Why did people turn to this profession? Why is this group of professions being talked about often?

Influencer means "influencer". We call people influencers who have a certain audience, influence their followers and direct them to buy . With the increasing power of social media, we heard the names of social media phenomena very often. Especially the money they earned has become a great curiosity. In fact, this topic is on the news agenda from time to time. The criticisms I observe are mostly negative and the common discourse of the majority is that influencers make money easily. Influencers Since they reveal their lives on social media open to interpretation, the people who follow them witness all of them from their clothes to the holidays they go home, and naturally the question comes to mind: 'Do these people have such a luxurious life only on social media? One of the most common comments I see is "We have read it for nothing all these years." You do not need to have a certain academic success to enter social media, since it is an open platform for everyone, everyone can participate as they want, so as long as you can create a certain audience, nothing else matters. Therefore, the majority are now trying their luck to do a job related to social media, but since the number of people trying to enter the sector has increased very rapidly, it is not easy to get out of the way.

Although the criticism is high, this sector continues to grow and make a name for itself. Our new profession group, which we can count as gold bracelets as the old people say, became influencer.


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