Everything You Ever Wondered About The Vegan Diet

Everything You Ever Wondered About The Vegan Diet

More and more people are adopting a vegan diet. So, is this type of nutrition really beneficial? In this article , we share with you our research on vegan nutrition and its effects on health.

The number of people in the world who have given up consuming meat and dairy products is increasing more and more. The main reason people choose this diet is because the vegan diet is generally rich in fiber and low in cholesterol, protein, salt and calcium. In addition, there are some false prejudices about completely giving up meat, fish, dairy products and eggs while adopting a vegan diet.

Vegan Nutrition and Vitamin B12

There are various doubts about whether a vegan diet can lead to vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 helps prevent nerve damage in the body. It is mainly found in meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Fruits and vegetables are not enough in terms of B12. A daily B12 intake of 1.5 micrograms is recommended.

If B12 Deficiency lasts too long without being corrected in any way, the damage it causes to the body may be irreversible.

A comprehensive study was conducted on this subject in the UK with the participation of 48,000 people over the age of 18. In this study, vegans who consume fish and dairy products and groups who prefer to eat meat were examined in terms of health. Strict vegan dieters were excluded.

As a result, the risk of heart disease in people who preferred a vegan diet was found to be lower than the group that adopted the other diet. On the other hand, the risk of stroke was found to be higher in the individuals in the group that preferred a vegan diet than in the individuals in the other group. Experts think this is most likely due to a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Tammy Tong, Specialist in Nutritional Epidemiology at Oxford University, attributes the high risk of hemorrhagic stroke to multiple reasons.

Hemorrhagic stroke may be due to cerebral hemorrhage. In this regard, low cholesterol is considered a protective factor. However, in recent studies, it is reported that there is some evidence that low cholesterol due to a vegan diet triggers the risk of stroke.

Since the potential for B12 deficiency is high in individuals who adopt a vegan diet, it is thought that a vegan diet may increase the risk of stroke in individuals. On the other hand, Oxford University Public Health researcher Marco Springman says that the daily amount of B12 that people need can also be obtained from some nutritional yeasts or plant-based milks. There are different opinions about whether these foods are sufficient for B12 supplementation. On the subject, many scientists report that it is appropriate for vegans to also take B12 supplements.

Vegan Nutrition and Protein Intake

Many people who want to switch to a vegan diet have some concerns about whether they will get enough protein on this diet. Scientists argue that although fruits and vegetables are not a rich source of protein, protein deficiency is not a problem in individuals who adopt a vegan diet. Studies have shown that people who adopt a vegan diet do not have a protein deficiency problem. Protein can also be obtained from many plant foods. For example, the protein content of soy milk is the same as that of cow's milk.

Vegan Nutrition and Iron Deficiency

Springman thinks that if the diet includes fruits and vegetables of all colors, a vegan diet will not cause iron deficiency. The body adapts to the low amount of iron in the diet over time and can use less iron more efficiently.

Researchers state that a balanced vegan diet is an extremely healthy diet. They state that the reason for this is that the vegan diet is richer in vegetables, fruits and legumes, and that the health benefits of these products can compensate for many other disadvantages.

Vegan Diet and Diversity

There are also people who worry that the vegan diet does not offer enough variety to its practitioners. A study was conducted on this subject in 2018. There was no evidence that a varied diet was healthier.

In fact, it was revealed that people who want to consume a variety of foods tend to consume more processed foods and sugary foods. In addition, scientists working on the subject are also worried about vegan snacks, which are becoming more preferred every day in the markets. It is reported that consuming them in abundance is also not healthy.

Experts recommend consuming hemp and flax seeds rich in Omega 3, nuts in different colors, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, beans and lentils in a vegan diet.

Vegan Diet and Health

Studies have revealed that individuals who consume less animal products are healthier than individuals who follow only plant-based diets. When evaluating the results of the study, smoking, alcohol consumption, exercise habits, age, race, gender, education, etc. factors were taken into account and the results were evaluated independently of these factors. As a result, people in the group who preferred to consume plant-based food were found to have a 32% reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Still, the link between a strict vegan diet and a reduced risk of heart disease is not conclusively proven. Most people who choose a vegan diet are generally healthier lifestyles and abstain from smoking and alcohol. In addition, as a result of a plant-based diet, people automatically eat more fruits and vegetables. It is also reported to have a positive effect on health. Considering these types of side factors, no definite comment can be made about the usefulness of the vegan diet.

People who consume more fruits and vegetables generally consume less red meat, processed meat, dairy products and fish. But this is a generalization and not a definitive judgment. It is also known that people who find a vegetarian diet appropriate consume some milk, fish and meat.

Subjects must be followed in various ways for at least 1 year in order to express an opinion on the health effects of a diet type. When it comes to vegan diets , people worry that they may be deficient in various nutrients. In this respect, researchers continue their studies on the long-term benefits/risks of vegan nutrition.


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