Easily Recognize When Chicken Meat Goes Bad

Easily Recognize When Chicken Meat Goes Bad

Chicken meat is much more affordable than red meat varieties. This causes it to be a food that almost everyone can buy in terms of purchasing power. With so much chicken on the market, it is important to know how chicken spoils , both when buying it from the market and when taking it out of the refrigerator at home .

Chicken meat is one of the foods that spoil very quickly, especially in hot weather. It is important to check the chicken before cooking it, especially in the summer period. In this respect, it is worth remembering that no matter how long you cook the chicken, a spoiled chicken is very harmful even if it is cooked very well and can quickly poison it. Therefore, instead of leaving your job to chance, you can reduce this probability much more with the right techniques and controls.

Review to Know if the Chicken Has Spoiled

Take a good look at the chicken before cooking it or buying it at the grocery store. You can tell if the chicken is spoiled by looking at it from afar. Simple experiments you can do to find out if the chicken is spoiled can be lifesaving.

We usually use the color to tell if the chicken is spoiled. A fresh chicken will have a light pink flesh color. As the chicken meat deteriorates, its color begins to fade. It becomes more and more pale in color. At this point, if the color of the chicken is changing from pink to dark, you need to cook it as soon as possible. If the color of the chicken now looks more like gray than pink, it means that the chicken is spoiled.

You can tell that the chicken is spoiled by its smell

Spoiled chicken shows itself best by its smell. The most distinctive feature of understanding a spoiled chicken is a heavy sour odor. If you get a very sharp and heavy smell when you approach the chicken, it means that the chicken is spoiled.

Another way to tell when a chicken is spoiled is to take advantage of its texture. If you feel a different stickiness when you touch the chicken, the chicken may be spoiled. If the same strange sticky feeling remains after rinsing, the chicken is likely to be spoiled. With this method, it is a little more difficult to understand that the chicken is spoiled compared to other methods. Chickens, albeit fresh, can feel slightly sticky. Be sure to check out other methods so you don't confuse them.

If the chicken doesn't smell at first but starts to smell bad when you start cooking it, this may be a sign that the chicken is spoiled. At this point you should not try to eat the chicken. Take the chance of the chicken spoiling as the strongest possibility. The risk of poisoning is quite dangerous. Don't risk it.

How to Tell if Cooked Chicken Has Spoiled?

Although it is easy to understand that raw chicken is spoiled, if you have already cooked the chicken or you are going to eat chicken outside but you suspect that it is spoiled, you can easily tell whether the chicken is spoiled or not. The spoiled chicken reveals itself in every way . Thanks to this, we, too, are saved from poisoning.

Here are some of the things you can try to understand that the cooked chicken is spoiled ;

Understanding that it is spoiled by its smell
Pay attention to the taste of chicken
To see if it has deteriorated by looking at the color
Checking for mold

To Understand that Cooked Chicken Has Spoiled By Its Smell

It is possible to tell whether the cooked chicken is spoiled or not by its smell. But, especially those who sell the chicken even though they know that when you eat it from outside, they may add too much seasoning to hide the bad smell of the chicken. While it is normal to add too much spice to chicken in countries such as India, which have a culture of adding spices, it is much easier to understand in our country.

If there is an odor similar to a rotten egg that will bother you when you smell the chicken, it means your chicken is spoiled. Whether it's an egg or a chicken, they smell pretty much the same when they go bad. If you can't tell from the smell, you can get more idea about spoiled chicken by performing other experiments.

You Can Tell If Chicken Is Gone By Tasting It

Eating a chicken that you think is spoiled is definitely not the right thing to do. If you don't think the chicken is spoiled but you have a worm in it, you can take a small bite from your chicken and feel its taste to see if it is spoiled.

Get some of your cooked chicken and try to taste it. If you get a spoiled, sour taste, immediately remove it from your mouth and pour the chicken. Don't even consider the possibilities. If there's even the slightest chance that it's spoiled, don't risk being poisoned by forcing it to eat.

At this point, we may also get wrong flavors from time to time. Although it is a little more difficult to understand that a chicken prepared with sour-flavored sauces is spoiled, you can feel that bad taste that comes from inside. However, leave the technique of understanding by taste for last.

How to Tell When Cooked Chicken Goes Bad by Color

If you suspect that the chicken is spoiled, check the color of the chicken. If it is a color from white to gray, there is a possibility that it has been corrupted. However, this method is not precise as the cooking methods of the chicken and the sauces used can affect this.

Still, it's a good way to predict the chance of a chicken going bad. In this way, you can be more careful while eating the chicken.

Mold Builds on Deteriorated Chickens

One of the most distinctive features of spoiled chicken is mold. When you see mold on cooked chicken, you don't need anything else to know it's spoiled. If black, white, gray colored cotton feathers appear on your chicken, it means that the chicken is spoiled.

What can be done to prevent the chicken from spoiling?

After the chicken is spoiled, there is nothing to do anymore. But there are many precautions you can take before the chicken spoils. Thanks to these measures, chicken spoilage is greatly reduced. Thanks to these methods, you can remove the spoilage of the chicken layer by layer.

Store Chicken in Proper Conditions

While chicken can be stored for years when you store it in suitable conditions, it can spoil very quickly under unsuitable conditions. Therefore, knowing how long the chicken can survive in which environment provides great convenience for you.

Raw chicken in the refrigerator should be consumed within a few days.

In the freezer, frozen raw chicken can be stored for up to 1 year.

Cooked chicken in the refrigerator can be stored for 3-4 days.

In the freezer, frozen cooked chicken can be stored for up to 4 months.

These times are very close to the real averages. To ensure the job, be careful not to eat your chicken without thoroughly checking it. These are average times only. The previous state of the chicken is of great importance in this regard.

Pay Attention to Chicken Storage Conditions

Cooked chicken begins to deteriorate after a certain period of contact with air. So be careful not to store your cooked chicken in improper conditions. If you want to store cooked chicken for a longer period of time, you should store it in airtight storage containers and bags.

If you want to store chicken for a long time, you need to store the chicken directly. Stuffed chickens will spoil much faster than others.

With these methods, you will learn how to spoil the chicken . Thus, you can store your chicken for a long time without spoiling. At the same time, you can use this information to understand that chicken is spoiled both when you cook it yourself at home and when eating out . However, the final decision rests with your feelings. If you're hesitant about eating a chicken, if you feel it's spoiled, it's best not to force yourself to eat it.

It is definitely a wrong decision to wait for it to pass on its own in case of a possible poisoning. If you think you have been poisoned, it is important to see a specialist doctor directly. In cases such as poisoning, although sometimes it can pass mildly, very serious discomforts can also occur. Spoiled chicken can result in worse effects than you might think . Therefore, it is important that you do not neglect your health by leaving your business to chance.


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