Devices Supporting Pubg Mobile Game

Devices Supporting Pubg Mobile Game

Pubg Mobile , a computer-supported game, has been made compatible with mobile devices since 2018, causing millions of people to download it to their mobile devices and have a fun time. People of all ages Pubg mobile games to download and play with pleasure Pubg mobile devices supporting games are available? Such questions are asked. In this article, we have discussed with you 5 smart devices that support the Pubg mobile game, which is among the most popular games by constantly affecting the world with new season updates.

Why Doesn't Every Device Support Pubg Mobile Game

Devices that support the Pubg mobile game, which has become the most popular game in the world , should have a normal level of features. The minimum features required to play this pubg game smoothly on Android and Ios devices are;

1. Required features for Android:

Android version 5.1.1 and above


3GB Storage Space.

2. Required features for iOS:

9.0 and above for iOS devices

Apple 5 and above devices

3GB Memory space

4 Smart Devices Supporting Pubg Mobile Game

Pubg mobile, which has become the passion of game lovers since February 2018, is among the most downloaded from the Play Store. However, your smart device must have enough features to play the game without any hassle and without any problems. We can list Pubg Mobile supported smart devices as follows;

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 64GB

Xiaomi redmi note 8 is among the devices that support the Pubg mobile game, which is the most preferred by game lovers in terms of both stylish agriculture and features. We can say that it is a complete gaming device with its fast and useful design. The features of the Redmi Note 8 device, which includes the features required for Pubg mobile, are as follows;

Android version 9.0

4GB of RAM

64GB Memory

8 core PCU

1080 x 2340 display pixels

Thanks to the screen that covers almost all of the device and its high quality, it ensures that the game is clearer and more vivid.

2. Samsung Galaxy M51

Samsung Galaxy M51 is among the best and fastest among devices supporting Pubg mobile game. Equipped with high and fast processors, it would not be wrong to say that this device was produced for pubg mobile. If we take a look at the features of the device;

Android version 10.0


128GB Storage Space

Screen 6.7 inches


2160 screen resolution

3.Huawei P40 Lite

Huawei p40 lite is faster and more convenient than any other device produced under the huawei brand name. In addition to its stylish and elegant design, thanks to other features such as Ram and screen quality, Pubg mobile game shows a perfect gameplay without freezing and stuttering. The features of the device that allow the game to be played smoothly are as follows;

Screen 6.4 inch


8 cores

6GB of RAM


4. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple iphone 11 pro max is one of the most useful and serial phones among iOS devices. It is also one of the most popular among the devices that support Pubg mobile game in terms of its features . Although it is high in price, it has excellent features for games. The features of the Apple 11 pro max phone, which saves charge during the game, are as follows;

Screen Size: 6.5 Inch

Internal Storage: 64GB.

Memory (RAM): 4 GB.

Fast charging

4.5G Support

Battery Capacity: 3969 mAh.

Number of Lines: Double Line.

CPU Frequency: 2.65 GHz.


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