Dealership is to obtain the sales authorization of a firm, brand, company or institution's products. Taking the franchise of a known company instead of opening a new company provides an advantage for the entrepreneur. The owner of the company can reach a wider audience by giving dealership. When buying a dealership, the conditions of the company should be examined thoroughly. Franchise agreements usually have penalty clauses for the cancellation of the agreement. The application process for obtaining a dealership varies according to the companies. For some companies, it is sufficient to just fill out an application form online.

Some companies request a phone or face-to-face meeting. The health sector is one of the sectors that can earn the most money in our country. The companies that give dealership in the health sector are quite diverse. Companies that sell medical products, supplements, baby diapers, food and pharmaceutical warehouses are some of the companies that can be given as examples for the health sector. The profit margin of the product to be sold must be high, and there must be a demand for the product in the region where the dealership will be opened. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic process we are in, the demand for this sector is increasing with the concern for health.

Buying Dealership Without Capital

Nowadays, getting dealerships on the internet has become quite common. Among the advertisements, there are many companies that give dealerships without capital. Moreover, some of these companies also have sales abroad. However, the advertisements should be examined well because some companies may demand the price of the first products to be sold.

At this point, expenses such as product purchase, advertising, documents and decoration should be calculated well, and in the long term. Unfortunately, most companies approach people with financial power more moderately than entrepreneurs without capital. For this reason, entrepreneurs without capital have difficulty in obtaining the franchise of well-known companies. These people can increase the chance of opening a dealership by researching companies that have recently joined the sector. The capital required for some sectors may be more. That's why you have to make sure that the healthcare industry is right for you.

What if we go bankrupt?

The percentage of people who bought franchises and went bankrupt is 5%. This rate is very low compared to those who start their own business. For this reason, the most guaranteed business method for entrepreneurs who do not have business knowledge and experience is to get a dealership. In case of becoming a dealership and going bankrupt, the legal process is applied.


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