Things to be careful about when using antibiotics, which are the most widely used drug types in our country, prevent you from experiencing health problems due to these drugs that can be used unconsciously.While antibiotic drugs are used to relieve the illnesses of everyone in our country where the habit of going to the doctor has not developed much, they can be the first choice of medicine, especially in the winter months, even in the flu and colds. While antibiotics take on the task of increasing the body's resistance to viruses, it can have fatal consequences if taken excessively. These drugs, which are used to kill bacteria and prevent their reproduction, must be written by your doctor. While the unconscious use of antibiotics or taking the previously prescribed medication is among the biggest mistakes, it is also stated by the experts that these drugs taken for recovery may cause the formation of different ailments.

It is necessary to know whether there are allergic problems, especially when using antibiotics. Although it is recommended to read the prospectuses of antibiotics, it is important to refer to your doctor and tell you about the use of a different drug in case of encountering with the side effects. It is also underlined that these medicines should be strictly adhered to the hour intervals in addition to the hungry or full intake and not to take excess or underdose.

Although the use of antibiotics in children and pregnant women can have very dangerous consequences, you should tell your doctor during the examination, especially if there is a pregnancy. Incorrect use of antibiotics may cause miscarriage in pregnant women, as well as include different risks. Although the use of antibiotics by breastfeeding mothers can be done when necessary and with certain medications, you are especially reminded to be sensitive about this for the health of yourself and your baby.

Taking plenty of vitamins instead of using absolutely unnecessary antibiotics may be a much more appropriate recovery method for diseases such as colds and flu that we may experience during the winter months. In the winter months, the intake of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C can act as a shield against possible colds and will protect you from diseases naturally.


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