Whatsapp is a messaging application that has millions of users around the world and has been recently incorporated by Facebook. With this application, it is completely free to chat with the other person, video talk or make a call by making a voice call for free. As a matter of fact, the convenience in the interface of the application also makes the Whatsapp application interesting. Besides, the application stands out by having the following features;

1. As we mentioned, voice calls, video calls and correspondence are all free.

2.Activating the story (IG sharing) feature and only people with a number can see it

3.It is associated with Instagram and Facebook

4. Almost everyone who owns a line (89% according to the data) actively uses the Whatsapp application

Such features have caused the application to become widespread in a short time and to be included in the trends. In addition, Whatsapp application has managed to attract attention with its recent updates. As a matter of fact, with the last update of the Whatsapp application , by making a change in the Privacy Policy agreement, all data can be given to the second party upon the consent of the person, as it has done before. On the contrary, M. Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has recently been accountable to the court with this policy. As a result, this information, which we will count in the Whatsapp application, will be transferred to Facebook data. These ;

Conversations in the message

People signing up for the tweaking of the application name, last name, e-mail or phone number ... 


Baseline data

Contact information

The information is like. So, what are the messaging applications that can be used as an alternative to this application that can easily share the information of Whatsapp users on the legal ground with Facebook ?

What Are Quality Messaging Applications Alternative to Whatsapp?

Whatsapp, which has millions of users today, has made its users quite angry with its latest update and contract request. As a matter of fact, Whatsapp, which has a contract with Facebook, the social media giant, will be able to share the information of the people who approve the contract comfortably after 8 February. In this case, Alternative Messaging Applications , which can be used instead of Whatsapp application for individuals who do not want to approve the contract and want to keep their information confidential, are among the frequently sought topics recently. As a result, there are many correspondence applications in the developing social media and messaging environment. Likewise, with these applications, video or voice calls can be made.


Telegram is among the most used messaging applications in the field of social media recently. As a matter of fact, the Telegram application is the best among many applications that can rival Whatsapp. So much so that with Telegram , you have the chance to share files and documents in a secure environment. In addition, the Whatsapp application group setup, voice call and video call features are also available in the Telegram application. Moreover, you can also use the application for free. You can download the Telegram application from any application store to your device and start messaging for free by providing the necessary member conditions.


Bip, which is offered to the users of the operator giant T├╝rkcell, is among the correspondence applications we have encountered frequently recently. So much so that individuals using Turkcell operators also have internet quotas that they earn from this application with various activities and conditions. Likewise, you can download the application for free and install it on your device and take advantage of all the correspondence advantages offered to you.


Signal , which is on the rise among the current messaging Apps , has millions of members. Signal, which Elon Musk recommends for reliability, offers us all messaging services free of charge.


The common feature of messaging applications is the ability to be recorded with phone numbers, which we all know. As a matter of fact, the Wire application, unlike this, does not include the feature of recording with a phone number. Therefore, without losing your phone number, you can sign up for the Wire application and start messaging safely.


The Viber application, which offers you all the messaging and data storage feature of the Whatsapp application , also draws attention with its hidden messaging feature. As a matter of fact, the application is very reliable. In this case, Viber is among the best applications that can be an alternative to the Whatsapp application. Moreover, all your personal information and messages are kept confidentially in the database. In other words, it is not possible to share your data and messaging with a second party.


Skype , which has important services for video chatting , also includes many messaging features offered by Whatsapp application. So much so that you can message your friends who have the application even when the phone is turned off. Likewise, the application is completely free.

Google Hangouts.

Hangouts , the messaging application of Google , offers messaging feature both online and offline. In this way, you can download the application for free and therefore use the messaging feature with anyone you want.


The LINE application also includes all the messaging features of the Whatsapp application. Using this application, which also offers different theme options, is both free and means minimum internet expense.


With this application, which is frequently used in China, you can share your large-sized files and also have video chat with your friends. The most interesting aspect of the application is that it is free of charge and the assurance it gives to keep our information. As a result, it is among the best alternatives to Whatsapp application.

Other messaging applications that will be an alternative to the Whatsapp application and that can cause us to have different experiences are as follows;





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