Like all vitaminsvitamin A benefits are vital. In nature, no mineral, vitamin, protein and fat cell are superfluous. However, science has not yet attained the power to illuminate every dark point in this world, which has millions of varieties and riches. Yet, in the light of science, we are making great strides towards unraveling our world, human, animal and plant anatomy. Vitamin A, as a fat-soluble vitamin, is a vitamin that helps our organs function properly.

Vitamin A Benefits

Vitamins strengthen our immune system and serve in the functioning and repair of all systems that work to protect us from diseases. It is recommended that men take 900mcg of vitamin A every day. It is important to take 700 mcg of vitamin A for women and 300 to 600 mcg for adolescents.

Vitamin A Is Found in Plants and Animals

Vitamin A is rich in nutritional sources. Because vitamin A is abundant in both plants and animals. Vitamin A, which is found in abundance in fish dairy products and red meat, is retinal, retinol. It contains acid.

Vitamin A is Good for Night Blindness

As an answer to the question of what are the benefits of Vitamin A , it is known to be useful against night blindness. It delays the vision weaknesses that come with aging. Provides sharp vision. Objects that we see with our eyes in the outside world are first transformed into electrical signals and transmitted to our brain. Vitamin A helps this process. Vitamin A is the main component of the structure called rhodopsin that exists in the retina . Benefits of vitamin A include preventing cancer, these types of cancer are cancers such as cervical cancer and bladder cancer. However, if vitamin A is taken more than necessary, this time it can lead to lung cancer. Research is still ongoing as to what this sensitive level is.

Vitamin A Strengthens the Immune System

Vitamin A Benefits include strengthening the body's immune system. Vitamin A is among the main auxiliary components used in the body's natural defense mechanisms. Vitamin A traps pathogens and bacteria that try to survive in the bloodstream, cleans them, and supports the production of white blood cells. Vitamin A deficiency has been observed in regions where malaria and measles infections are widespread in underdeveloped countries.

Vitamin A benefits include the prevention of black spots and acne on the back. It eliminates these damages caused by the clogging of dead skin cells with oils. Vitamin A is very effective in acne treatment.

Vitamin A is Good for the Bones

One of the benefits of Vitamin A is its bone-strengthening effect. It ensures rapid development of bones in children in developmental age. It strengthens the weak bone structure. Vitamin A is also essential for healthy reproduction. It has a protective effect on the reproductive system especially in women. Vitamin A, which contributes to embryo development, will be prescribed by your doctor during pregnancy. When vitamin A is deficient, women's fertility also decreases. It helps the development of the kidneys, eyes, heart and lungs, which are important organs of the baby while still in the womb.

Foods Containing Vitamin A

Lamb and beef liver are found in abundance. Beef liver contains 9.4 mcg of vitamin A in 100 grams. Lamb liver contains 7.4 mcg of vitamin A per 100 grams. There is 1,001 mcg of vitamin A in 100 grams of goose liver. There is 684 mcg of vitamin A in 100 grams of butter and 407 mcg in 100 grams of goat cheese. There is 125 mcg of vitamin A in 100 grams of feta cheese.

1 mcg measure is 0.001 milligrams. The given values ​​can be multiplied by 0.001 and the value in milligrams can be found.


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