Everything that takes place in nature has a reason for existence. Nature is also the source of many things that are necessary for man to continue his vital activities. For example, we get most of our nutritional needs from nature. Vegetables and fruits are also foods that we get from nature . But do we know what benefits vegetables and fruits have for us?

We need food for our body to maintain its vital activities in a healthy way. Vegetables and fruits constitute a large part of these foods. Vegetables and fruits; It meets the needs of our body with the vitamins and minerals they contain. Let's take a look at the benefits of vegetables and fruits that we will consume regularly and in season.

Benefits of vegetables and fruits:

Vegetables and fruits are essential nutrients for growth and development.

We need them in cases such as cell renewal and tissue repair.

It is very important to consume vegetables and fruits for our skin and eye health.

Our immune system and digestive system need vegetables and fruits to function properly.

Our circulatory system needs vegetables and fruits.

Our musculoskeletal system also needs them.

In order to increase our body resistance, we need to consume vegetables and fruits regularly.

Their contribution to maintaining our dental health is enormous.

If we want to talk about the benefits of some vegetables and fruits, we can say the following.

Artichoke protects the liver and gall bladder.

Pumpkin benefits bone development and kidneys.

Carrots are cell regenerative and a beneficial food for our hair.

Onion acts as a natural antibiotic.

Kiwi is an antioxidant fruit.

Peaches are known to have benefits to the nervous system and immune system.

It is beneficial for fig, bone and dental health.

Grape strengthens the immune system.

Cabbage is an anti-indigestion and antioxidant vegetable.

Rosehip is known to be good for infection.

Orange strengthens immunity and lowers cholesterol.

Tangerine has antioxidant properties.

Raspberry is known for its effect on dental health and is also an antipyretic.

Corn is thought to have a positive effect on cholesterol.

In addition to these, many vegetables and fruits make positive contributions to our health. What we need to do is to consume vegetables and fruits in season and in sufficient quantities. We should not forget that the prerequisite for a healthy life is a healthy diet and enough time for activities such as sports.


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