If you don't like static movies, if you always want action and excitement, these movies are for you. If you want to spend time full of excitement and adrenaline, take a look at our list. You will like these movies that made a sound in the world. Have a nice viewing...

TITICIAN (Shooter) / 2007 PRODUCTION GENRE: ACTION, TENSION, POLICE The excitement and action never ends in this US-made movie starring Mark Wahlberg. Mark was once a successful marksman. Although he has left this job, he is asked for help with an important task. But there's something about this job that Mark doesn't know. Those who call for this important work want to assassinate the American President. Mark finds out and changes sides. Now his aim will be to protect the president and solve this conspiracy.

RELIGION (Equilibrium) / 2002 PRODUCTION GENRE: SCIENCE FICTION, ACTION, TENSION A great movie made in the USA, starring Christian Bale. A fascist system is applied as a result of the third world war in the movie and people are expected to accept it. John Preston will be the first to rebel when even hope for people is forbidden.

96 HOURS (TAKEN) / 2008 PRODUCED GENRE: ACTION, TENSION, CRIME, ADVENTURE, DRAM Starring Liam Neeson, the movie managed to make a worldwide impact with its incredible follow-up scenes. His 17-year-old daughter, a former spy (Liam), is kidnapped by a gang. The gang members have sold the girl abroad, and since her father is a special-skilled agent, he pursues a relentless pursuit to locate his daughter with clues.

EDGE OF DARKNESS / 2010 PRODUCTION GENRE: TENSION, MYSTERY, CRIME, CONSTRUCTION, ACTION, DRAM Events develop with the suspicious death of a girl whose father is a detective. Thomas thinks his daughter was killed on a conspiracy and is determined to investigate the case to the end. Things get complicated as his government tries to destroy the evidence.

GLADIATOR (GLADIATOR) / 2000 PRODUCTION GENRE: WAR, TENSION, ACTION, ADVENTURE, DRAMA Maximus is a general on the rise in the Roman empire. Commodus doesn't like that his father favors Maximus, a stranger. Commodus orders to kill Maximus' family. Maximus' family no longer exists, and he barely escaped. Maximus is now hired to fight as a gladiator in the arena. From now on, Maximus will do his best to avenge his family.


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