Good phone apps are always based on creative ideas. What the application will offer and whether its features will be in demand are among the questions that come to the entrepreneur's mind. But finding an application idea is not an easy task. On the contrary, it is the most complicated part of the job. Here are 20 successful implementation ideas that will spur new ideas.

Tax / Invoice Application

Gone are the days of collecting receipts and invoices at home and calculating tax returns. Practices that help regulate taxes make our lives easier. It is an application that both calculates the tax rate you have to pay according to your income and helps you keep track of the amount paid. With its invoice arrangement feature, this application facilitates many shopping you make in your business life.

Restaurant Reservation Application

An ideal application for last minute decisions will make it easier to book restaurants. This application, which provides information about the restaurants and bars around you, will be able to book restaurants even if you decide to eat out in the last minutes.

Local Food Delivery Application

Finding an affordable and fastest delivery according to the type of product you want to order, the application makes it easy and affordable to order takeaway food from outside.

Health Check Tracker

Although we do not have any health problems, it is important to see a doctor regularly for the possibility. However, we neglect regular health checks. Smartphone application in the field of health can solve this problem radically. The application will record your doctor's number, make an automatic appointment when the time comes and notify you by message. This way, you do not neglect your health checks.

Cargo Transport Application

In the world where everything is increasing rapidly, fast cargo transportation that will carry them is also increasing in importance. Considering that most vehicles return empty after delivering the packages in freight transportation, we understand that more efficient systems are needed. With the new application, you can find suitable vehicles to receive cargo around you, shortening the delivery time and increasing vehicle efficiency in transportation.

Gift Finder

You may not find time to search for gifts for special occasions in your daily pace. In such cases, an application that will offer you various gift options and even deliver gifts and flowers would not be too bad.

Dating and Marriage Practice

An app idea that connects to all social media accounts, lists their friends and separates them into categories. It will be designed to help you find the ideal match.

Tour and Travel Assistant

It is always difficult to find places to visit in a place you go. For this reason, the application showing the touristic places, local restaurants and activities of the place you go is a must. In this way, it will be much easier to take a holiday.

Cooking Practice

The most creative idea on this list might be a cooking app. It will be an application that not only gives you a recipe like other food applications, but also tells you what to do with the ingredients you have. In this way, he will be able to cook in the most efficient way with limited ingredients.

Security Practices

An application that targets users' safety. The application that informs you about the criminals wanted by the police in your area of ​​residence will also have a crime database. In this way, you will have information about what is safe and where not in the city you live in. In addition, the application will also have a police call button for emergency situations.

Interior Design Application

It is not easy to decorate your home with items that fit together. With a new interior design application, you can look at your room with different items and styles by simply adding the photo of the room you want to organize. The app should not only show the products, but also the nearest shop that sells the products.

Security Access Application

Security systems are installed in many businesses and homes. A useful idea is the app that provides access to these work and home security devices and alarms via smartphones. Thanks to the application, you will be able to monitor security cameras and control your safe even when you are not at home.

Text Reader

Sometimes you want to remember what you see on the Internet, in a book or in a newspaper. But if you don't have a solid note-taking habit, this kind of information will often fly out of your mind. With this application, you can put an end to this situation. This application, which has the feature of distinguishing written texts, will save the text with its fast browser and in addition, it will be able to recognize the source of the text and suggest the relevant texts.

Presentation Assistant

A presentation assistant application can be designed for projects and presentations that require group work. Group members can work on the presentation and exchange ideas online.

Parking Lot Locator

Since finding a parking space is a big problem, this application will sound like a medicine. It will detect suitable parking places nearby with GPS and make life in big cities easier.

Focus Assistant

It will be especially useful for writers. It is an application idea that will work for people who want to focus while working. In order to concentrate on your work with the application, it will temporarily disable other features on the phone.

Finding Musician App

Such an application is necessary for people who are interested in music to come together and for music groups to find new members.

Collective Social Media Application

Those who use social media heavily have often gotten into the habit of browsing through different platforms. With all-in-one applications, the user will get rid of the burden of browsing.

Music Sharing Application

A nice application idea for music lovers. With the application, it will allow you to share the music you listen to on your smart phone with the people in your phonebook and listen together.

Ultrasound Application

When we talk on the phone, the application, which will be used to visualize the person or another object in front of us, will be able to turn a voice it receives from the phone into an image and present it to the other party.

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